Friday, August 19, 2011

Meet...the Outtie

It's about 3:45 on this lovely Friday afternoon and I'm scantily clad waiting to get my lazy bum to the shower. The StairMaster at the gym had nothing on me...(for a whole 20 minutes..) 
I have pretty much stopped running/jogging/granny bladder just cannot do it anymore. I went a week ago with my mum and it was seriously every 20 steps that I felt like I'd have a little accident.

I went to Newport Beach with my Clark family this week and that was...
I will never be coerced to leave my Marky, no matter how much I crave the beach. It was AWESOME seeing my sister again after 3 1/2 months of her being in Jerusalem, but her boy-toy was there too, so I spent a lot of time missing my significant other.
We had a great night last night. He surprised me with....can you guess??

*deleted picture upon request of said husband*

Oh I'm not kidding (except the pair he got me is gold on black..). This is what happens when I'm away for a week.
He scored points though when something else was also in the striped pink bag.
Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume. I'm SOO picky about perfume, and boy he nailed it! I am still thoroughly impressed! Yummy.

 I'm not sad, I promise
Just a little bored.
(I can't wait to start student teaching next Monday....there's only so much I can do to prep for Baby M.J.)

Introducing...The Outtie
The belly's gettin' more conspicuous--
and I love it.
I love him kicking and punching the day away. 
It makes me giggle every time! 
Yesterday I fell asleep for a couple of hours and when I woke up, I felt this
in my 
rib cage 
(just below my right "girl")
It was the most bizarre feeling having a baseball-sized thing that felt stuck there.

Do you like my bun?


  1. Amy i love you! You're lookin great!

  2. amy you are so cute! i can't wait to look like you! we miss you guys.

  3. hahahahahahahahaha! you are such a crack up. the belly is so cute--and i wish you didnt delete the pic..what did he get you?! the anticipation is killing me. haha :)

  4. You look soo good! I can't wait to meet the little one!

  5. Amy my love you look beautiful! I am so excited for your new baby! I know your going to be such a wonderful, caring mother!!! Miss you and love you to pieces. And I am so glad I found your blog! I am certain to read it often :) Send Mark my love.