Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Moving is the pits

Like my dear new friend Holly, I haven't written in a couple of weeks, which is unlike me! The best explanation is that we have been moving all week.

Yeah, I know, it shouldn't be THAT big of a deal since we went from Provo to Orem, but I will never move again in this lifetime unless we are having a third child or have $$$ lying around to get a house and hire movers.

Are any of you too shy or too proud to ask others for help? Because I am. I was bitter the whole week when I SHOULD have just called up friends and asked. Plenty of people offered by saying "Call me if you need anything!"....but I'm not super excited to just pick up and call for that. And honestly, I naively assumed that since I'm belly-licious and obviously pregnant that people would assume that I do indeed need help! Mark tried to explain to me that people do need to at least be informed that help is needed. But deep inside I was hoping for a little help from above to have people feel "impressed" that they needed to come help me.

It would have been easier if my family would have offered and pitched in a little more, but the time that we chose to move was inconvenient for them. My mom brought us food a couple of times, and I really do appreciate that.

Luckily my sister in law Catherine called me and offered to help. She helped me organize the kitchen, and I really appreciated it! Then Mark's mom Kerri and sister Cassidy came to help me clean our old apartment on Saturday. I was so happy and wished that I had just called and asked earlier.

I guess I just expected people to show up at our apartment since I have done that to so many girls (PREGNANT and not pregnant) moving out of our complex. I think that comes with the territory of being Secretary of the Relief Society and knowing what seemed like everything about everyone (moving out dates, baby due dates, new job, sickness, etc.). And granted, Mark and I were out of town last Sunday when I'm sure we would have had people ask to help us. They all probably thought we had already moved. We'd been in the ward for over two years and I felt a little pushed to the side and forgotten. Mark says it's the hormones and I'm SURE he's right!!

I just wasted a whole lot of tears, and I'm not proud of that. But I am proud to say that it was the first major break down this whole time being pregnant! It's like my little guy could tell, because he keeps letting me know that he's here and alive and healthy by moving around all day long, and NOTHING makes me happier!

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