Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The newest member of our family

Our new Subaru Forester, better known as "Subi". We love her! Mark has me drive her while he takes "Mazdy," our little Mazda 3. I'm spoiled! 
The selling point? 
"This baby can go down flights of stairs with NO problem!"
Oh, good...because when we're getting chased that will be extremely convenient.
But really, she handles soo smoothly and I feel very safe when I drive her, and that's the most important. We're really excited to test her out in the snow. Apparently Subarus are Pros in the snow. 
And she's really fast...but Mark doesn't need to know that I'm excited about that!

We'll get the windows tinted before baby comes...

A random picture of me a couple weeks ago. I'm a lot bigger now, don't worry. I sent this to Mio, one of my bffs on a mission in Japan and got a bunch of pics developed to send to her. 


  1. Seriously too freaking cute! My MIL has a forester and those things are great! Good purchase :)

  2. You look ADORABLE!!!! Seriously, so cute prego!