Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our new place

After months of searching the Provo/Orem/PG/American Fork area, we found ourselves a great place in a great location with a great price! It worked out so perfectly. 
Our master bath

Seperate toilet!

Walk-in closet = MUST

blurry :( M.J.'s room

Our Master

Other side of baby's room. Walk-in closet #2

Our invisible washer/dryer

guest bathroom

That's our landlord with her 3 kids in the living room/dining room.

My favorite feature of the kitchen? The ice and water feature on the fridge door, haha 
ohh the little things that make your life more pleasant!

We love it- I'll have to post pics of it with our stuff actually in it. We still need to put up pictures, get a washer and dryer, get a sectional couch, new kitchen table/chairs, and set up the baby's room.....
It'll be awhile before everything is done :)


  1. LOVE IT!!!! Sooooo roomy!!! If you feel like procrastinating another month or so for furniture... DO IT and we can shop together :)

  2. SHUT UP! Where have I been?? I didnt even know this! We need to have a girls night. Or even a DATE night!! Thats a better idea. Call me and we'll plan. love you