Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rio de Janeiro

Okay folks, this is a post stuffed full of pictures. I have put this off for over a month now because the thought of covering Rio has been overwhelming! Rio was our last stop in our Brazil adventure.

"Corcovado"---The world-famous Christ the Redeemer statue! (Have you seen the movie "Rio"?) It was smoggy this day--as you can see.

We went on a "Jungle Tour". Our tour guide's name is Fabio. I wish I could say he was as cool as his name! It was fun to see the city and then go into the jungle area that surrounds it.

That mountain is called "Pao de açucár", or "Sugar Loaf". It too is on "Rio."

I loved the architecture of this building

Another view of the Christus (Corcovado Hill). It's a lot further/higher than it seems!

Dave and Brunette Shelly (She's always been blonde--until this trip. She didn't want to stand out too much!)

These are Rio's most famous "favelas"--or ghettos. In Brazil, the poor live on the hills and the rich live near the ocean. A middle class doesn't really exist.

On the Corcovado (means "hunchback" in Portuguese, describing the hill that the Christus was built on). It's made out of Sandstone and was built in the 1920s. The real date is in my journal...I promise I was listening to the tour!


On the jungle tour--a random waterfall. It was a fun little stop.

Ew ew sick sick picture of me. I obviously needed to wear a maternity shirt... at least he looks good.

Our sweet jeep.

Do you see the huge foot print?

My dream Brazil house--in the mountains but close enough to the ocean...

Front view... 

Such a cool city!! 

On our way to "Sugar Loaf" mountain.

We ride these gondolas up to the top

All of us wearing our Havaianas--a brand of sandals that everyone wears in Brazil. They're so stinkin' comfy too! I love mine. 

That's the Christ statue above all the smog...

inevitable shadow pic...

view from the gondola on top of Sugar Loaf

Over Mark's right shoulder (our left) is Copacabana beach where our hotel is.

There's that bun again...

Fertility statues?? haha these pregnant lady statues were in every city that we went to. I wanted to get one, but I'd have to paint their bare bellies and shoulders. Just kidding, they were mucho $$. (In the gift shop on top of Sugar Loaf)

Views from top of Sugar Loaf

Back down to sea-level. Oh, hey there, you're cute!...

...So we kissed a lot on the beach. Rawr. 

Our hotel is the one with the pentagon on it (shape with five sides, right??) It's a J.W. Marriott hotel so it was umm...super nice. It helps that my in-laws are like Gold or Platinum members; when we arrived they upgraded us to suites with ocean views. Cha-ching!

Can you say gorgeous?!

Oh man he's cute.

My Havaianas again

chubby, swollen ankles, feet, and toesies

Not my leg. This one's too sexy.

Saying goodbye to Brazil was so hard! When we went to the beach it was our last day there...

Before we left I had to get a picture of the coconuts they sold on every street corner. The water inside was so refreshing. I <3 you, Brazil!!!!

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