Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Some things that I am grateful for:

  • The Atonement. Oh man, I am not near perfect! 
  • OUR BABY! I feel him more and more each day and I thank Heavenly Father for him every day! And he's a-growin'! Mark felt him on!
  • My hot pad: one hour in the morning = a happy back
  • My new sewing class/machine (if you're interested in taking an awesome class, go to I go to class every Wednesday and it helps me feel somewhat domestic.
  • Our new apartment! We LOVE it! It has everything that we were looking for except for a garage. 2 bed/2 bath, washer/dryer, 2 walk-in closets, 1st floor, bright, and spacious. PERFECT location. Pictures to come. Boy it took many hours of KSL hunting and apartment visits to finally land here. 
  • Mark scratching my back every night before going to bed--he's done this since we got married and it's heavenly every time
  • My new hair cut and color. I'm back to a brunie (natural) because that bleach did a number on my thick locks and this will free more $$ for our baby budget :)
  • Our new ward. It's a family ward, which means there are actually TEENAGERS and ELDERLY PEOPLE and BABIES in it. I'm really excited for this change. 
  • Our new Subaru Forester. She is a black beaut. We're leasing her and are so happy with our decision. We searched high and low for the perfect vehicle for us + baby and she gracefully fell into our laps and it feels so good. 
  • Our wireless Internet. We went over a week without any Internet in the vicinity and had just one Internet cord at our last apartment so now we can both surf the web at the same time. We're so fancy now.
  • Having a savings account and a husband who words so hard so we can be comfortable! The savings has dwindled with all of our said purchases, but it's all good! These are things we have been saving up for.
  • The gym being less than a half a mile away from our apartment. Sweet!! 
  • My parents' pool. When I feel like I'm lacking sunshine, it's a hop, skip, and a jump to a pool that I know will happily greet me. The sun is SOOO GOOD when you're in a body of water :)
  • Food. Oh man I love my food now-a-days. Especially these "Cakebites" from The Sweet Tooth Fairy. They just opened one next to the mall in Orem and you better believe I got half a dozen tonight. Delish.
  • My fake eyelashes. I went a month without them and I'm never doing that again. They're SO worth the $35 a month. 
  • That my sister is coming HOME to the UNITED STATES in FOUR DAYS from Jerusalem! I miss her so so so much; 3 1/2 months is a long time to be away. I'm so excited to spend all next week with her at Newport Beach with the fam. and Robbie, her very serious love interest (we'll see if I get more than 10 minutes a day with her when he's around!)
  • Student Teaching starting in 2 1/2 weeks! I'm so excited to get up there and share my passion for Geography with these 9th graders. I'm so lucky to have found a place that is only 10 minutes away from the school that I'll be teaching at. 
Time for BED! Can't make these pictures look high-quality on my 5 year old Mac. Maybe someday I'll switch to having real camera pictures.

21 weeks, 4 days along. Over half-way! 


  1. k first of all...WHAT?! you moved?! i had nooo idea. i would have came and helped you move!!! :( i obviously need to call you. you are the cutest & i looove your belly!
    and you :)

  2. oooh! awesome where are you student teaching? i LOVED my student teaching experience. and i think 9th graders are the best!