Wednesday, September 7, 2011

26 weeks, 100 days left!

After my dear Mark took these pictures and I saw them, I instantly thought, "there's no way that I'm that big...I don't feel that big!" And then I said that out loud. SO, I'm thinking that my last couple of public belly pictures are numbered. I don't want to make anyone cringe when they look at me.
Oh come on, we've all done it.
But Mark reminded me that I'm not exactly wearing the most flattering/slender-ing dress either---true.
Oh and ignore the hair. At least I washed it last night--that's an improvement! I think it may be the only picture in the last couple of months where I haven't been sporting the usual bun too.

We tried the "upper half" shot thinking it would make me look less gigantic.

I got to see my baby today. My mom was working and I texted her after class to see if they were busy at the hospital...she promptly responded "COME ON OVER!"
I don't need too much persuading to get a peak at this little man! 
It was so much fun. I got to do the ultrasound myself and just watch him move and breathe and hang out. I didn't want to leave!

Lately I've been craving macaroni and cheese, cucumbers w/rice vinegar, yogurt, herbal tea, and cold cold cold water (yeah that's not really a "craving"...but def. a must!). Tonight I made broccoli mac-n-cheese and Mark just went on and on about it....I'm pretty sure it's just because I haven't cooked in over a week! He's been doing all the cooking, poor guy.
This little boy moves constantly and it just never gets old. The weeks are going by a lot quicker, especially since I've actually been busy. I'm so grateful! The back pain is still a daily occurrence, but nothing that I haven't been able to handle without Tylenol and heating pads. My favorite thing to do is just soak in the bathtub and watch my belly. My other favorite thing to do is watch Mark touch and talk to my belly and feel/see the baby's reaction. 

Time for bed! Happy Wednesday!

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