Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2nd Anniversary! a little late...

For our anniversary this year, Mark surprised me with a night at Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake (August 25). I wish so badly that I had taken a picture of the room we were in. I was dying. Before we left our apartment, he introduced the room that he reserved by saluting me in the kitchen and saying "You may call me Commander-in-Chief, madame". Do you have any idea which room he reserved us?
That's right folks, the "Capitol Retreat. "
I slept underneath The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, and Presidents Lincoln and Washington. We even had a secret bookshelf door to the bathroom...that was definitely my favorite part. Oh my gosh he is so dorky, but it was really awesome. We'd heard of people staying there and he thought it would be fun to try it out. We had a great dinner at a Mongolian BBQ place then we walked around Temple Square for a couple of hours, followed by a relaxing night in the room. It was perfect and I love him to pieces.

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