Monday, September 5, 2011

Teaching Chronicles, Chapter 1

It's no wonder that I'm sick after beginning a new semester in a junior high school. Can you imagine how many germs these kids are carrying around? Sinus infections are G-R-O-S-S. And, well, waking up at 6:20 a.m. (I know I know, you're thinking "quit-chur-belly-achin'") after a full 4 or 5 months of absolutely NO schedule and NO obligations probably threw me off a bit too.

But honestly...I'm loving it so far. I have only been in the class since Tuesday, but I can feel the urgency to get these lesson plans written and somewhat solidified before next week. My mentor teacher, Mr. Andersen, is the He's been teaching Geography for over 15 years and rocks at it. I'm really lucky to have him as my mentor.

(What am I especially grateful for??....That it only takes 6 minutes in the morning to drive to my school. SIX. Now, that's not half-bad people! I have to be there by 7:15, so I'm pretty thrilled about it.)

Being sick and bed-ridden has had some positive repercussions! Instead of boating and BBQ-ing today, I've been working on a Google site to use with my students just to keep everything organized and easily accessible to them. If you want to see what we're doing, go to

Yeah, the name is super cheesy...but BLOG name can't get ANY cheesier. I created the site over a year ago for a teaching technology class and never thought I'd actually use it.

You mean I'm actually using a skill that I was taught in college??? 
Why yes, yes I am.

Now, let's hope that I can get through teaching from 7:45-12:20 each day with only five minutes of passing period every hour and fifteen minutes to:
  1. Relieve myself in the baƱo,
  2. stuff my face with some sustenance,
  3. and drink water.
Have a wonderful Labor Day!
And CONGRATULATIONS to my Beautiful friend Megan for having her baby yesterday!!!! He's PERFECT! Can't wait to welcome my little man into the world!!


  1. That sounds so fun, Amy!! Granted, I am a geography nerd as well, but your little google site & class sound like such a blast! Hope you feel better, soon!

  2. IM so proud of you for teaching when you are pregnant!! i would love to have you as a little teacher. i texted you the other day, no reply. hope you're doing good! loves! xoxo

  3. Ah! I'm so glad you have a cute little class to keep you occupied until BABY! Seriously, this will be the BEST blessing... Hawaii was torture because I spent everyday counting down the days haha. Can't wait for you to meet the little man!!