Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Teaching Chronicles, Chapter 2

I taught my first full 1 hour and 20 minute lesson two days ago. It's now "my" classroom, even though my mentor teacher is in and out all day. Overall, it went pretty well. I even had a surprise visit from my supervisor from BYU--she had a lot of great things to say! I'm so so happy that I have been in enough classrooms that I feel comfortable 90% of the time and that I know most (? maybe that's wishful thinking...) of my kids' names.

It's starting to get a little uncomfortable and tiring walking around and standing for 5 hours every day. Waking up at 6:30 is not in my nature, either, but I really feel like I'm being magnified and strengthened from above for this arduous task of student teaching while 7, 8, and 9 months pregnant. I can tell you one thing though--it sure makes time go by magically fast.

Tonight was especially entertaining. Three words:
I actually forgot that this was today, so I was happy that I showered AND washed my hair this morning. It had been three days since I had washed my mane. But that's the norm these days :)

I have never been on this end of P-T-C, and boy oh boy it was a treat. I learned a few things:
1. Mr. Andersen (my mentor teacher) is known for having one of the hardest classes in the school. Some over-achievers' parents love this. Others....not so much... (Um...sorry we have homework due every class period...but get over it...your kid is in high school now.)

2. Apparently some parents think his late work policy is too "cut-throat"....(excuse me, ladies, but do you realize that we spend at least 1 hour everyday just going through late work? and that there are over 280 students that we're dealing with?! It's HALF CREDIT if turned in late, and that is the policy so that we discourage students from turning things in late...)

3. It's "shocking" that we have a term project that involves making a map....One mother snottily (is that a word? I like it) said "when I was in geography, we learned all about different countries and cultures....not any of this busy work map stuff...." Was I offended? For a minute. Were we laughing about it for ten minutes after? Yes. Seriously lady? How is learning about maps "shocking" in a geography class??? 

4. Kids look and act just like their parents. It was easy to see which kids belonged to the parents that walked in through that classroom door.

And just in general, I've learned that 9th grade boys get uncomfortable talking to me with my basketball-sized belly between us.  I think I counted 5 boys today glancing at my dear Outtie belly button instead of my mouth while explaining the difference between weathering and erosion. If I try getting past them in those tiny tiny rows of desks, they generally do all that they can so that they don't get an accidental "belly swipe".

I got home at 6:45 tonight. Ate food. And walked (wobbled) to the gym to try to get rid of this constant loose joint feeling in my left butt-cheek. It's still there. Bummer!

....for your viewing pleasure of my ever-growing bell. I wish my hair was down for this so you could see how clean and washed it is. I'm 27 weeks and 5 days today.

Have a wonderful noche!