Sunday, October 30, 2011

Man am I lucky

Yes I'm still awake grading term projects, but you know what kept me so occupied today?

Washing and folding my baby boy's blankets, washcloths, and towels. WAYY more important than grading if you ask me.
(My next post will be about all the goodies he/I got at my shower yesterday! It was more like a baby "monsoon"!!)

All day today I was interrupted by Mark's sweet hugs, kisses, "I love you baby"-s and "You're going to be such a good mom" and "Do you think I'll be a great dad?" (all while I was sporting my darling pregnancy garment bottoms and much-too-short non-maternity top--belly hanging out and all, with my usual top-of-head bun. Sexy is the LAST word to describe me these days) To which I reply "THE VERY BEST IN THE WHOLE WORLD!"

AHH he's so gosh darn cute I just don't know what to do with him! It's not like this is anything new. I'm not all about putting a gold star on him publicly (okay I am but not every day), but today I just can't help myself. What other husbands (okay, yours probably does this too) look at their nearly 8 months pregnant wives and say "Gosh you're beautiful--I'm really going to miss your belly...really!" I mean, I'm not one of those lucky pregnant women who has surging energy to get busy in the bedroom (do they really exist?! what do they eat for breakfast??). So it's not like he's saying that out of appreciation for an increased libido or other motive. I'm quite the opposite. TMI? (sorry, but it is so not me...still getting used to it or still waiting for that "stage" to happen)

There's more to men than we give them credit for. Especially my man. I thought that me being pregnant would really try our marriage in different ways. And I suppose it has, but not in ways that I anticipated. We have gotten closer than I ever thought possible. I know there are lots of trials ahead of us, but for right now I'm just soaking up these last few weeks of "just the two of us."

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Take a deep we go.

This month has been CRAZY.
  • Cousin's baby girl shower last Saturday (due 3 days before me)
  • Lingerie shower for my dear little sister this past Friday
  • My dear friend Chelsie's baby shower yesterday
  • Sister's endowment session for the first time last night
  • Mark's birthday TODAY
  • Mark's birthday dinner w/parents tomorrow night
  • Another Cousin's baby girl shower this Tuesday (due like next week)
  • My sister's wedding dinner this Thursday
  • Sister's sealing this Friday--reception that night
  • My baby shower on Saturday
  • ....exhausted yet? Babies and weddings in my family are rampant this fall! 
  • PLUS all the BYU games that are starting to become more of a chore to attend than anything else. I love my husband that much.
SOO...If I haven't been "there" lately, this is why :) Oh and besides any of these events, unfortunately I still have to plan lessons and write mucho papers in order to grad-gi-tate. November won't be any less busy.

Oh, and my students (okay, like 15 of them) are driving me CR-A-ZYYYYYYY...... They're LAZY and RUDE and my hormones are NOT helping! Last week I swore at all the kids in our "e-time" (like homeroom...but designated for all those peachy-kids who are failing my class...and yes there are more than 5. Or 15.) and the next day banished 5 kids in the hall throughout the day because they wouldn't shut their mouths. I really needed this 4-day weekend.

Dear baby boy, please stay in there until your due date---no earlier, no later. Mama has to finish teaching school and get through her two birthing classes in November to feel anywhere near "ready" for your arrival. Keep kickin' and getting big and strong! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you. I can feel every part of you moving around in me. Yesterday your aunt Fifi felt your whole spine in the temple. You gave her quite a show and showed off your big strong bum throughout the session. This week you've especially been moving a lot. It's so much fun and daddy can't keep his hands off of you (or mommy!) My skin feels like it can't stretch any tighter. Sorry you're getting a bit crammed, but it's only for a little while. See you in 54 days! (please!)

Thursday, October 20, 2011


 Close up
 Sportin' the Outtie--proud of it!
 Proud mama-to-be!

It's amazing that I have this special spirit growing inside of me! I'm so in love with this little man of mine... despite some hardships of pregnancy--I've LOVED it so far. I'm just so grateful that I have this great blessing in my life. Heavenly Father loves me so much! And I feel His love for my little Boomer too! I'm 32 weeks TOMORROW!
Love you all!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

too funny

Amy (while looking at friends' pictures of them in bikinis): "I can't wait to be skinny again"

Mark: ....."you're not UN-skinny, you just have a baby in your belly"

I can't stop laughing!
Un-skinny?? hahaha I like that!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I have this love/hate relationship with our apartment. While it's twice as big as our last place, this also means that it's twice as much to clean. We have two bathrooms instead of one, two bedrooms instead of one, and basically two living rooms (instead of one....yeah yeah you get the picture). We woke up and attacked this apartment with organizing and cleaning--nesting is in full force!

Living in this new apartment also means that when I'm in the bedroom blogging, he's no longer just 5 or 6 feet away in the living room (watching ESPN)'s more like 25 feet. It feels like a HUGE space and I just don't like that very much. I loved our old 625 square feet place that was oh-so-cozy 24/7. It was the perfect place for us newly weds. We loved that whole stage of life of not worrying about anything other than getting good grades and paying our phones and utilities bills (thank you, Papa Freeman for owning our apartment complex). Now we have two cars,  one car payment, rent due every month, utilities, water, gas/electric, phones, cable, baby funds, yadie yadie yadda....

Basically, we are growing up. And this is another love/hate relationship that I deal with on a daily basis. I LOVE the fact that I'm going to be a mommy soon. But a small part of me is a little nerrrvouuusss....Luckily I have a super hard working man who is in fact LOVING being completely independent and who tells me all the time how much he can't wait to have this little boy around. He's going to be such a good daddy! His job has been so great and he continues to learn a lot in it. I'm so fortunate to not have to work, especially with this baby on the way. But I know that if I ever did have to work, I would willingly do anything for this family!

Okay this is turning into a bit of a long post about cheesy stuff. We (you...) don't need any of that. But back to what I intended to talk about: I don't want that cozy feeling of our little apartment of two years to ever go away! So right now I'm going to get up, grab a blanket, and rest my head on my man's leg while he scratches my back and I fall fast asleep. Happy Saturday, and good night!

Friday, October 14, 2011

a basketball

This is for Julianne who doesn't have Facebook :)
Our little Boomer is taking the shape of a perfectly round basketball these days. This is me 30 weeks and 3 days along.

Teaching Chronicles, Chapter 3

Ever since I began observing/teaching with my mentor teacher at Oak Canyon J.H., he has predicted that I will have "at least one meltdown" in front of my students. He said that every student teacher in his classroom has had an episode of tears, gnashing of teeth, and stress-filled resentment towards the students at one point. I have been determined to not be part of this statistic. Knowing that this would be more difficult because of the hormonal adjustments that come with carrying a child in my womb, I continue to press on hoping prove him wrong.

Yesterday was a close one! Luckily I got my tears out of the way before I walked into the school at the awful hour of 7:15 a.m. I didn't even give Mark a kiss goodbye---I knew that if I did or if he asked me what was wrong, the water works would get to the red-faced, blubbery, can't-stop-for-an-hour type of cry---so I just yelled "have a nice day" and headed out the door. I felt awful. A few tears streamed down my face, then I gave myself a pep-talk and prayed...out loud. It totally helped, and by the time I walked in to face Mr. A, I knew what I had to do to keep it together, and luckily I did! ....until after school :)

Poor Mark had to listen to all of my (b-swear word)-ing pretty much all night, sprinkled with tears here and there. He was so sweet and took me to look at couches for our living room. I felt much better after lots of hugs and kisses from him. It ended up being a great day and I'm so grateful for him.

This experience of student teaching 14 year-olds has made me a few things:
  1. Terrified of raising teenagers (some of them give me that fear...)
  2. Excited to have teenagers (some of them are great....)
  3. Motivated to be a better mommy (in 2 months!!!)
  4. Determined to raise HONEST kiddos (the cheating that goes on...!! blows my mind!)
  5. More grateful for the good teachers that I've had in my life! (It's a lot of work!)
I'll have to keep adding to that list. That's all I have for now (my brain is a little sleepy!)

I have had a few rewarding moments that make it all worth it, like that look of "OH! I GET IT!" after reviewing a geographical concept or seeing students get excited about a lecture and shoot their hands up to participate. I love watching my kids who have learning disabilities (there are many) push through their hardships and turn in work that they're so proud of. Or my English language learners be so brave and get up in front of the class to share their term projects, despite the difficulty of speaking publicly in a language so new to them. These are the things that make me excited to come to school and be with them.

I could go on and switch gears to talk about what makes me not excited, but I don't want to ruin the moment. Happy Weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Mark just asked me what I'm blogging about and I told him my weight. He replied, "aahhh....a bragging post....niiiice....." So I apologize, I'm just really happy! (Especially after discovering stretch marks on my be-hind the other night. Thought you'd like to hear that.)

I got weighed yesterday at my doc's appointment. As I timidly stepped on the scale, I told the nurse "DO NOT TELL just stresses me out!" and looked to the ceiling. I thought for sure it had to be bad news because she didn't say anything like "Oh, you have nothing to worry about" or "you shouldn't be stressed"....this made me even more stressed!

So I get into the patient room to get seen by my doc. Some of you know that he scolded me for gaining so much weight in the last visit--so I was extremely worried that I'd leave defeated and feeling even larger and more helpless than last time. Instead, I got a, "Good job, kiddo....two pounds! Not bad for five weeks..." I guess I'm exactly where I need to be and by the time I have this baby I shouldn't gain more than 30 pounds total. Right now I'm at 18 pounds--and I've been thinking that I've gained at least 20. I'm so pumped.

I couldn't believe what I had just heard! As we left, I did a happy dance and couldn't stop smiling the rest of the night!

Now I'm off to watch Friday Night new obsession!

ps- Michelle, I most definitely do not work out but probably once a week---if I'm lucky. I just happen to remember to take belly pictures when I'm the least clothed ;)

Monday, October 3, 2011

29 weeks, 3 days

Student: Mrs. Freeman, when are you due?!
Me: Not until December!
Student: Are you serious?!...
Me: I know, I know, I'm a planet and I look like I'm going to pop.
Student: No, I mean you're so small, but you're so....BIG
Me: Yeah?....(run to the front of the class to get them started)
 A pumpkin? Did I swallow a seed?
K but really? 10 more weeks of this? How much bigger can I get?! I'm terrified.

St. George Marathon

...not ME, sillies. MARK! Mark ran his FIRST marathon...and kicked booty. Let me preface this by saying that he did a half marathon, an 18 mile run and a 20 mile run a month before the marathon to train. For seasoned marathon runners, you know that this is hardly training! He did great on all of these runs though, and just wanted to "finish" and have the experience of running 26.2 miles. Of course I fully support this because I think that EVERYBODY needs to run a marathon in his/her lifetime. There's nothing like it.

 Here he is picking up his number. I thought it was great that he seemed to be standing in the "Elite Runners" line. In reality, he was getting his "Clydesdale" division number (200 lbs. +). The lady looked at him and said, "yeah, I don't think we need to weigh you. You're definitely a Clydesdale."
 When we arrived at the Expo, it was about 8 p.m. We got his number, looked at the fun runners' booths, and headed to my grandma's house to sleep.
 The time here is about 5:15 a.m. Waking up early to take him wasn't particularly the highlight of my trip, but he sure is cute and definitely worth it!
 And look who we met up with! Amelia! Mark had a buddy to go up on the buses with. She gave him some awesome advice and Mark was very grateful. She gets married in less than two weeks! Lucky man!
 Here he is just after running through the finish line! I'm choking back tears the whole time while waiting for him to cross. There's something about the atmosphere of a marathon that touches me and inspires me. I can't wait to get running again! He did SUCH A WONDERFUL JOB...
 Here he is just a few minutes after finishing. What a stud-muffin. His time was 4:26....!!!!!!!!!! And that's after having 4 bathroom stops along the way. Without those stops, he would have finished at least ten minutes earlier. What an athlete! I can't imagine how well he would have done had he been on a consistent training regimen. And boy, it was HOT out there.

I can't believe how HUGE I am! I'm glad he loves me! A lot! At least I'll never weigh more than he does (let's hope not). 

Good job honey! You're my hero!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My apologies...

Dear students,
I'm feeling a little under the weather (this is appropriate since our lesson tomorrow is actually on weather and climate...heh).
I hope you don't mind me showing a video (or 2...cue President Obama's Education Address...) for half of class tomorrow.
Or showing you yet another PowerPoint as I sit on my chair at the front of the class.
It will be one of those days of "let's just get through this".
I'll be a better teacher....
AFTER tomorrow.
I promise!
Mrs. F

Now instead of staying up another 2 hours perfecting a lesson, I'm going to enjoy sleeping more than 6 hours tonight :)