Sunday, October 30, 2011

Man am I lucky

Yes I'm still awake grading term projects, but you know what kept me so occupied today?

Washing and folding my baby boy's blankets, washcloths, and towels. WAYY more important than grading if you ask me.
(My next post will be about all the goodies he/I got at my shower yesterday! It was more like a baby "monsoon"!!)

All day today I was interrupted by Mark's sweet hugs, kisses, "I love you baby"-s and "You're going to be such a good mom" and "Do you think I'll be a great dad?" (all while I was sporting my darling pregnancy garment bottoms and much-too-short non-maternity top--belly hanging out and all, with my usual top-of-head bun. Sexy is the LAST word to describe me these days) To which I reply "THE VERY BEST IN THE WHOLE WORLD!"

AHH he's so gosh darn cute I just don't know what to do with him! It's not like this is anything new. I'm not all about putting a gold star on him publicly (okay I am but not every day), but today I just can't help myself. What other husbands (okay, yours probably does this too) look at their nearly 8 months pregnant wives and say "Gosh you're beautiful--I'm really going to miss your belly...really!" I mean, I'm not one of those lucky pregnant women who has surging energy to get busy in the bedroom (do they really exist?! what do they eat for breakfast??). So it's not like he's saying that out of appreciation for an increased libido or other motive. I'm quite the opposite. TMI? (sorry, but it is so not me...still getting used to it or still waiting for that "stage" to happen)

There's more to men than we give them credit for. Especially my man. I thought that me being pregnant would really try our marriage in different ways. And I suppose it has, but not in ways that I anticipated. We have gotten closer than I ever thought possible. I know there are lots of trials ahead of us, but for right now I'm just soaking up these last few weeks of "just the two of us."

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