Sunday, October 23, 2011

Take a deep we go.

This month has been CRAZY.
  • Cousin's baby girl shower last Saturday (due 3 days before me)
  • Lingerie shower for my dear little sister this past Friday
  • My dear friend Chelsie's baby shower yesterday
  • Sister's endowment session for the first time last night
  • Mark's birthday TODAY
  • Mark's birthday dinner w/parents tomorrow night
  • Another Cousin's baby girl shower this Tuesday (due like next week)
  • My sister's wedding dinner this Thursday
  • Sister's sealing this Friday--reception that night
  • My baby shower on Saturday
  • ....exhausted yet? Babies and weddings in my family are rampant this fall! 
  • PLUS all the BYU games that are starting to become more of a chore to attend than anything else. I love my husband that much.
SOO...If I haven't been "there" lately, this is why :) Oh and besides any of these events, unfortunately I still have to plan lessons and write mucho papers in order to grad-gi-tate. November won't be any less busy.

Oh, and my students (okay, like 15 of them) are driving me CR-A-ZYYYYYYY...... They're LAZY and RUDE and my hormones are NOT helping! Last week I swore at all the kids in our "e-time" (like homeroom...but designated for all those peachy-kids who are failing my class...and yes there are more than 5. Or 15.) and the next day banished 5 kids in the hall throughout the day because they wouldn't shut their mouths. I really needed this 4-day weekend.

Dear baby boy, please stay in there until your due date---no earlier, no later. Mama has to finish teaching school and get through her two birthing classes in November to feel anywhere near "ready" for your arrival. Keep kickin' and getting big and strong! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you. I can feel every part of you moving around in me. Yesterday your aunt Fifi felt your whole spine in the temple. You gave her quite a show and showed off your big strong bum throughout the session. This week you've especially been moving a lot. It's so much fun and daddy can't keep his hands off of you (or mommy!) My skin feels like it can't stretch any tighter. Sorry you're getting a bit crammed, but it's only for a little while. See you in 54 days! (please!)

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  1. WOW! You are certainly packed this fall/winter!! I hope your using Body Shop Cocoa Butter for that belly!!! The good stuff! Congrats to your sis!! :)