Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Man in charge

I woke up this morning at the fun hour of 5:45 to abrupt kicking to my right ribs. Although I really wanted to sleep in today (Thanksgiving break--hallelujah) I didn't mind it so much. Him kicking me and squirming around means that he's alive and he's real.  I am so grateful for such a healthy pregnancy. During the course of my pregnancy, I have had 3 loved ones lose their babies. One was just a few weeks along, another was 22 weeks along, and another was 34 weeks. The two who lost theirs at 22 and 34 were within a couple weeks of where I was in my pregnancy at the time. All of them were unexpected and as you can imagine, extremely painful and difficult to hear about when my own pregnancy has been nearly perfect as any I've heard of. My heart goes out to all the women out there who have had to deal with losses and pains of losing babies. I can only imagine the pain that that must feel...or can I? When I first titled this post "man in charge," I was thinking of my baby. But now it takes on a new meaning. We only have so much control over our lives; Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us and we have to at all times be willing to say "Thy will, not mine be done." And most of the time that's a harder pill to swallow than we'd like.

catch-up: Baby shower

My baby shower...
was the day after the wedding. It was amazing. My parents' house has been re-modeled for most of my pregnancy and had just barely finished it a few days before this shower. It is the most beautiful renovation that I've ever seen. It worked out perfectly since so many people came and there was plenty of room. My sister-in-law Estefi went above and beyond for me. The invitations turned out ADORABLE. It was a pumpkin theme. My mother- in- law Kerri also went nuts. She made the most delicious soups and desserts that I could ever wish for. My step mother- in- law Shelly did the decorations-- of course they were darling-- and I just couldn't ask for better support from so many aunts, cousins, friends, sisters, in-laws...I had such a blast and this little boy has more than he'll ever need or want. My closest Aunt Cindy made me this almond cake that had a Mummy on it, complete with the saying, "I love Mummy". And of course MY mommy was a busy-bee just getting the house looking perfect. I feel so incredibly blessed. This little boy of mine is one lucky dude!

 I don't know why the pictures are so small-- but this is a changing table that Estef found and refinished for me! She also did the crib, but we couldn't get it to fit in any of our cars to bring to the shower! This was the first time that I saw it and it made me so excited. (Side note: we just found out that she's having another BOY!! She's due April 8th. I couldn't be more excited that our boomer will have a boy cousin his age!! Her first two ultrasounds at the hospital were wrong! We thought she was expecting a girl. So fun!)

 Of course Shelly and Fifi had to make me diaper cakes....this one that Shelly made was huge! She included all different brands and sizes so that I could more easily figure out which ones will work for my babe's bum. :) What a smart woman. They will keep me stocked for at least a little while. Thank you!

Fifi's adorable "Panda" themed diaper cake. Our nursery is all things panda--since those of you who know me know that I have been obsessed with them since high school!
 This is my aunt Cindy working hard on my cake! I love her so much! Isn't she adorable? I hope I look like her at her age! You'd never guess how old she is. She worked her tail off to make it just perfect--and it was!

 I have the coolest aunts in the world. L-R: Diana (my adopted aunt), Jennie, and Cindy. I had a bunch of other aunts there who didn't make it into the picture! Thank you Auntie Wendy, Sara, Sarah, and Becki for coming too!
 And I had to get a picture with my grandma Carol. That's my cousin Brea on the left. I forget how short I am until I see me next to other "short" women. Ahh the life of a 5-footer (who's prego). It was such a fun shower and we came home with a couple carloads of goodies. I missed a bunch of friends from my old ward who didn't come though. I'll post pictures of his nursery soon!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

*tear tear

I just wrote a novel about pregnancy and my boomer and it got deleted :(
I'm 36 weeks tomorrow. My little boomer is getting huge. He startles me at least twice a day with his large movements. He's getting crammed in there, and so are all of my other major organs. I can't breathe very well and these aches and pains are getting more pronounced. Luckily my last day of student teaching is the day after we get back from Thanksgiving Break. I can do this.

Two negative things that have really picked up: 1) swelling---my hands and feet and 2) my bladder constantly being pushed on. I am very very very blessed though that I still sleep very well every night and that I only have to get up once or twice in the night to go to the restroom. Hallelujah! If I wasn't getting any sleep and had to teach for 5 hours every day I would be a basket case all the time. Yesterday I had to take off my shoes while I was teaching and talk with my hands up so the blood could circulate a little better. My students love it. I'm sure going to miss them!!!! They make my days go by so much faster and I love most of them to pieces.

(2 days later....)
Um. About that sleep comment. Thursday night was TERRIBLE! I felt like I didn't sleep a wink. Here's my belly progress:
 Let's take a look at where I was just a few months back:

I'm 36 weeks...almost there! More on pregnancy later--the POSITIVE things. I know you're on the edge of your seat. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

catch-up: Erica's wedding

I have been one busy soon-to-be mama, let me tell you!

I haven't even talked about my sister's wedding that was on October 28th, or my baby shower that was the next day, or what this kid is doing inside of me.
Erica and Robbie's wedding:
 Their wedding dinner was on the Thursday before their sealing. Robbie's family held it at the newly renovated Riverside Country Club. It was delish and beautiful and all of our family and close friends were there. Robbie's dad was so cute sharing his journal entries about Robbie and Erica's relationship progression over the last few months. He's so sentimental! Robbie is a lot like him. We ended the fun evening with toasts from family and friends. I got up and took all the credit for them getting together. In December I ran into Robbie and urged her to take Erica out. I then gave Erica Robbie's number and told her to text him. One night a couple weeks later she texted him, he asked her out, and they had been together since then. So naturally, it's all because of me ;)

The wedding day was crazy. I took the day off and had my mentor teacher take over that day. He was happy to and everything went smoothly. I met my family at Amara salon where all of the wedding party, including all my sisters' best friends, were getting our hair 'did' and all purtied up for the long day ahead. Poor Erica woke up sick and threw up early that morning. She tried to put a brave face on, but I could tell she wasn't feeling very well. When Erica doesn't feel well, everyone knows it. An old friend ended up doing my hair so it was fun catching up with her and talking about all the changes in our lives since we last saw each other 3 years ago or so. ANYWAY.

I was the last to leave the salon--my mane was just a whole lot to handle in under 2 hours I guess. I ran to the house, threw on my dress (size 10, non-maternity...cracks me up!), left with Mark. As soon as we got to the first light, I frantically screamed "MY TEMPLE RECOMMEND!" We were only 50 yards from our apartment--thank goodness.

We enjoyed the ride up--talking about our wedding day when Mark picked me up from Amara after I had gotten my hair and makeup done and we drove up to the temple together. It was such an exciting and special day. We can't believe it's been over 2 years since it was our turn. We had fun reminiscing and rubbing my belly of course.

The sealing was beautiful. It brought us right back to where we were sealed for time and all eternity. GOsh, I love sealings so much because I always feel like the sealer is talking directly to Mark and me. It's always a wonderful reminder of where our priorities should lie in a marriage--Prayer, scriptures, selflessness, and Christ. Elder Neil L. Anderson sealed them. He is Robbie's great-uncle--so that was really neat to see and hear in person one of the 12 Apostles give counsel and advice. Erica and Robbie radiated, especially when they kissed over the altar. My sister is an animal! and has some guts! She basically grabbed his neck and open-mouth kissed him multiple times.... in front of an Apostle! Elder Anderson even said, "Okay now, let's keep the reverence of the'll have plenty of time to do that!" I couldn't believe it. I was dying.

The reception was great. It was a total party and I had a ball visiting with old family friends who came to show their support. Erica was sick so she had to sit down to greet people, but once she got some Tums and Ibuprofen, she started feeling better. She still smiled and looked gorgeous as ever. I'm so happy for them--and let me tell ya, they're both SO MUCH BETTER married!!! She's sweeter, more patient, kind, and HAPPY! That's a good sign--I'll take it ;) I told her that the other day and she said, "It's because of ROBBIE! He calms me!" So...Robbie, if you're reading this...THANK YOU FOR CHANGING MY SISTER FOR THE BETTER! Not that she was horrible before...but the girl can be a stress case and she has been nothing but pleasant and sweet since that day. They spent their first night and weekend together up at a sweet cabin in Sundance. They're going on a cruise for their second honeymoon to the Caribbean in December during Christmas break. Hopefully my baby is here by then! She can't miss it!