Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Man in charge

I woke up this morning at the fun hour of 5:45 to abrupt kicking to my right ribs. Although I really wanted to sleep in today (Thanksgiving break--hallelujah) I didn't mind it so much. Him kicking me and squirming around means that he's alive and he's real.  I am so grateful for such a healthy pregnancy. During the course of my pregnancy, I have had 3 loved ones lose their babies. One was just a few weeks along, another was 22 weeks along, and another was 34 weeks. The two who lost theirs at 22 and 34 were within a couple weeks of where I was in my pregnancy at the time. All of them were unexpected and as you can imagine, extremely painful and difficult to hear about when my own pregnancy has been nearly perfect as any I've heard of. My heart goes out to all the women out there who have had to deal with losses and pains of losing babies. I can only imagine the pain that that must feel...or can I? When I first titled this post "man in charge," I was thinking of my baby. But now it takes on a new meaning. We only have so much control over our lives; Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us and we have to at all times be willing to say "Thy will, not mine be done." And most of the time that's a harder pill to swallow than we'd like.

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