Friday, December 16, 2011

AFI (not that band from middle school)

Yesterday I had a fun adventure. I went to the perinatologist (spelling?) unit of Utah Valley hospital to get a non-stress test and then an AFI...stands for Amniotic Fluid Index. This was the test to fail (read last post) but I knew that there was no way I was going to leave with the "okay" to get induced. It was a quick ultrasound and the tech measured how much fluid I had in me.

She looked at me and said, "Well, normally we fail people who have amniotic fluid levels of around 5. You're at 25...enough to carry triplets" (does anyone know what units of measurement that they use? it's bugging me)

No wonder my belly is so round. But that also means that he's not as big as I thought--he's just swimming around in there. This can also partially explain why I haven't progressed much because it's hard for him to stay in one spot due to all the fluid.

My dad happened to stop by to check on me. He wanted me to fail so badly so that he could have a grandbaby today! The nurses sent me to get more monitoring at Orem Community where my doctor was inducing a bunch of patients and my mom just happened to be working there too. I sat at the monitor for 2 hours and he's as healthy and normal as ever! But why the heck do his kidneys work that well? 25?!!?? All the nurses (including my mamacita) said they'd never heard of AFI's that high in a full term pregnant woman...

Oh and it didn't reassure me that my doctor said I'd be pregnant until February. OR that in his practice right now (as of two days ago) I am his MOST PREGNANT PATIENT.

K sidenote: when you're 40 weeks pregnant, do NOT drink ANYTHING after 8. Or even 7. I got up to go to the bathroom seven times last night. SEVEN. And for some reason decided not to go back to sleep after 3:45. This is all in preparation for mommyhood I guess!

Have a wonderful day and remember not to complain about being fat or uncomfortable around me.

I might snarl at you.


  1. Wait so when will you have him?? When were you exactly due? And that is crazy. My mother had the same problem. So much fluid.

  2. P.S. it did cause a few little problems like when my mom was in labor with my sis, all the sudden my sister just decided to turn sideways right before coming out. They were going to have an emergency C section but then on her own (through some quick heart filled prayers) she turned back around. And the plus is that my mom said all the fluid came out and BAM she really didn't gain as much weight as she had thought ever. HAHAH.

  3. Hey I want to see pictures of the nursery :) I'll say a few prayers that he comes soon and everyone is healthy! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!