Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Baby update

Still no baby. Still not dilated. Still not effaced. He's basically stuck up there...warm and cozy-like.

But but but....he WILL be here within a week and he WILL be chubby (at least he'd better be chubby if he's going to come late!). I am reminded by other mommies that I still have 2 days until my due date and a lot can happen, but if I'm anything like my mother, I will have to be induced.

The doc is sending me to the hospital tomorrow to get 2 things: a non-stress test and an AFI (amniotic fluid index). If I fail one of them (the AFI is the easy one to fail) then they will send me to Orem Community to start inducing me. He encouraged me to bring a few extra movie passes or something to bribe the nurse to fail me. I'll have to do that, because I doubt I fail either of them. "This is the test to fail!" he exclaimed. If I obviously pass both of them, then I will see my doc. again on Monday and he'll most likely schedule me for an induction the next day (let's hope at least...he says the lines get long for inductions at this time because no one wants their babies born on Christmas!). I never wanted to get induced, but at this point, am I one to be picky? Nope, definitely not.

It feels so foreign being at home all day. I thought it would be a lot more exciting than it is. But what I realized is that it's just too darn quiet! I need my little buddy here with me. I'm so used to being surrounded by people all day and moving about that all this lying around business isn't settling well with me.

I can only be on my computer for so long before my hands swell like latex doctor's gloves. I think the heat of my computer and the angle that I type don't exactly help the swelling. And I've given up on doing the dishes. It hurts too badly! My belly is seriously too big so that I can't comfortably reach the faucet, which results in some serious back aches. Sorry Mark :(

I do need to vacuum still and get a rug for our hall bathroom and possibly make a meal or two...I'll let you know if that gets done. My mom is taking me to get all my nails done I guess I should at least shower and wash my hair, right?

Does anyone else have a hard time getting ready when there's absolutely nothing scheduled and it's freezing outside?

Good, because I've been in my bed in my underwear all day... is it really 1 p.m.? Whoops.


  1. Me yesterday I wrote a final paper and addressed Christmas cards. I didn't get dressed until 3 because I knew Matson was coming home at 3:30 form work! Haha I am the worst.

  2. You still have less than a week so that's good and he's gonna be so darn cute when he gets here!!! Exciting!