Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Yesterday morning's events made the list for "TOP 10 SCARIEST MOMENTS".  I woke up at around 6:50 and did not feel any movements. I was having a really long contraction so my tummy was hard-as-rock. Mark fetched me some ice water so I drank that quickly and laid on my left side. Finally my belly relaxed, but he still wasn't moving. Mark grabbed my belly and jostled him around to see if he'd move. He still didn't budge. I hurriedly called my mom and she told me to go to the hospital right away. I was bawling of course, but Mark didn't seem too panicked. I laid back on my side and sure enough he did move a little. But I wasn't satisfied. I didn't get to school until about 8:35 and after observing two teachers I was still unsettled about it. I told my mentor teacher that I needed to get him checked out so I headed to the hospital. Although I had felt him move a few times, I didn't want to wait until I didn't feel him move at all and have some major regret later. Of course the worst possible thoughts were going through my head but I just said a prayer that all would be normal. Better to be safe than sorry. I texted my mom "almost to the hospital". I didn't want to bother Mark unless there was something seriously wrong. I got checked in and hooked up to the monitor. It turned out that he was just very sleepy, but as soon as the tight belt and monitor was on him, he was active as ever and all is well. His heart rate was great and my contractions were regular. I felt much much better!

I had my 38 week 5 day appointment just a few hours later. He had the same news as he did last week...I'll most definitely (unless the Man Upstairs decides to humble him) deliver this guy late. As my good friend Megan shared with me a few months ago when she was trying to have her little one...."My cervix sucks." Haha. He's just wayy too cozy in here. I don't blame him, because who wants to leave their cozy bed to venture into 18 degree weather?! I certainly don't! But come on little guy, I'm getting consistently uncomfortable and stretch marks are most likely going to make their lovely appearance very soon.

However...I asked for it. All my life I've wanted to have big chunky babies. And if he's gaining the so-called one ounce a day, he'll most definitely get to the 8 pound range. Heaven help me! Also, I have told him that he absolutely cannot come early because his daddy has to finish taking 3 finals. Soo that leaves just one day to be "on time" and anything after the 16th is late. So I have no real right to murmur about it. What I am bummed about is that he could most definitely be born just a couple of days before Christmas. I'll have to get creative for birthdays to make sure he feels special! Anyway...I'll keep you all posted! Happy Wednesday!

ps- two days until I'm a GRADUATE of BYU!


  1. I'm glad you and little Boomer are doing okay! I miss seeing you every Tuesday, p.s.!

  2. You can't possibly not have stretch marks yet?! Not fair! Genetics . . .

  3. i'm so happy everything is okay! that is scary! especially cuz its your first babe and you are learning everything. AHHH graduation!! you are one lucky gal! december 2011 is a good month for you!!

  4. i am so glad everything's okay! this is only the beginning i hear of constantly will only get worse!

  5. Ahhh Amy that is so scary! I'm so glad everything is ok! You're such a good little mommy already! can't wait to see you monday!