Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our first outing

I have so much to blog about! Yesterday I had an appointment with my counselor at school to delay my graduation. "Why??" you ask. Well, there's this thing called insurance. And the only way that Noah will be covered through April is if the people at BYU show some mercy and un-check that little box that says "apply for graduation." No insurance company will take Noah, so we had to do it! Luckily, my counselor was oh-so-sweet and understanding and worked quickly to get this taken care of for us. I don't even have to take any classes this semester since I had a 16 credit schedule last semester.

Anyway, this appointment was at 9:10 a.m. Mark had to be at work by then, and that meant I had to bring Noah. Having never driven the car alone with him or taken him outside in his stroller before and not knowing where to park and worrying about feeding him, changing his poo bag, and bundling him ever -so-warm AND getting there on time made me a little nervous. BUT...I found a parking spot, he was an angel during the whole outing, and I left a happy girl knowing that me, Mark, and Noah would be covered with insurance at least until mid-April. He's such a good baby, and I can't stop loving on him.

We had another little outing just a few hours later. He had his 2 week check up at the Health Center. All the employees/nurses/doctors that we ran into were intrigued by Noah's story. He got his PKU done (a poke to the heel for some lab tests) and did so well. The nurse was shocked by how calm Mark and I were because, "Usually the parents who come in here are nervous wrecks about this!"....well, we'd much rather him get a prick to the heel than an I.V. in his head, pick line in his arm, or intestine cut out.

We love our Noah!


  1. YAY!! I'm so glad the insurance thing worked out for you guys. You should of come by the ROTC (and parked here) so I could see sweet baby Noah!

  2. Those first few outings can be so rough - the prep and nerves as much as the actual experience. I am glad you made it through. Remember when I saw you at Smith's when Jackson was only about two weeks old? I can't tell you how nice it was to talk to someone after two weeks of being in the house with no sleep.

  3. he is SO darling!!!!!!! i want to come see him!
    i'm so glad you got the chance to delay your graduation for the insurance, what a good little mom :).

  4. I never told you CONGRATS on baby Noah! What a cute little guy! Glad that everything has gone well so far after that little scare! I still remember you telling us you were pregnant while we sat on that picnic table at Cambridge freezing our tushes off!! Miss you guys!