Tuesday, February 7, 2012

7 Weeks old

 Our little Noah is growing up too fast! I'm LOVING this stage of just snuggling all day long. It's obvious for any of you who have seen our apartment that I'm probably doing a little too much snuggling and not enough cleaning. Those things can wait! This guy is too gosh darn cute!

Noah's accomplishments this week: going to church for the first time, having the most incredible burp that I have ever heard from any human being, waking mama up (still) every 2 hours, breast-feeding lying down (or maybe that's my accomplishment?), peeing on himself during diaper change twice, wearing all of his 3 month clothes, and filling up the diaper trash can in less than 4 days. Way to go, pal!

 Daddy got to come home from work for lunch today. We loved it!

 He's our little bug and we love him so much! Names that we call him: Little bug, nugget, pal, bubba, bubooshka, Mr. Magoo, Magooski, and Noah-bear. There's no way that he knows his name.
 We took a 2 hour nap together today! I have a cold and needed the extra zzzz (and hello, I'm a new mom and am always behind on sleep!). I love napping with this guy. He's the best cuddle bug out there!


  1. so cute! oh you're doing great...no need to worry about cleaning!!

  2. He is way too cute! That snuggling phase is the BEST! Take all the naps you can. Cleaning isn't important until he can crawl around and stick things in his mouth, so just enjoy it!

    And thanks for sharing all about Noah's colostomy bag. I've been curious. It sounds like you're doing a great job! He's a lucky boy!

  3. He is so cute! Wish we lived closer...Can't wait to see the little guy next time around!! I am glad he is doing so well. You look great!