Saturday, March 17, 2012

a need to vent

My heart is a little achy right now. I have to be honest because ugh I'm just so imperfect and I should be a better wife and I should be a nicer person. Lately I have let even little things get to me and I just need to take a chill pill.

Tonight a near-contentious moment spurred up between us in front of my parents (whoops). I got excited and told my parents they should plan on attending our graduation in a month. I get a look from Mark like "well...we're not sure about that" and I immediately got defensive and sternly said, "NO, I AM WALKING next month. I AM!" I felt so dumb afterward. The reason for his look was because of our insurance again. I guess no matter what, with Noah's pre-existing condition, we'll be paying at least $2,000/month for insurance--even the "government" insurance program (called CHIP) who take those who are un-insurable (is that a word?). We'd have a high deductible AND high premiums.

BUT with BYU's insurance, although it's not the greatest, would be around $1,200/month. I would have to delay my graduation yet again so that we could all be covered for $800 less, give or take a few hundred.

I want to walk across that stage and shake an important school leader's hand.
I want to take those cheesy graduation pictures with my cap and gown. Next month.
I want Mark to get a job that has health benefits. Now. 

If we can get them to delay my graduation again, then it will be worth it of course since Noah's surgery will be sometime in July or August. Now that I'm thinking about it, even if I did delay graduation through August doesn't guarantee his surgery will be covered. His surgeons could easily delay his surgery until September. But I want everything to happen for me now. Am I a 2 year old?? Perhaps. I just wish we didn't have to dance with insurance companies and delay the thing that I worked my tail off for.

Ahh, what a conflicted, selfish soul I am.


On Monday, I called the Mountainlands Medical Clinic (I put that detail in to show you all that BYU doesn't do immunizations at the Health Center, nor does the County Health department...where I went the first time two weeks ago and where I was promptly turned away...) to see what their immunization hours were and if they were fully stocked (last time I called they said they had run out from the week...). We headed over there and waited for over an hour to get 4 immunizations. 

I wanted to think, "eh, this kid's had needles on all appendages; what's the big deal?"

I was so wrong! After that first shot (that I swear the needle was long enough to go through his leg) he let out this awful scream which resulted in me clearly getting choked up. After that first prick it was okay, and Noah was fine but SHEESH. 

Heaven help me when they have to prick, poke, cut out, stretch, and stitch this boy in a few months.

He likes to show off how he's a "big boy" by "standing" in his rocker. Seriously, it's so funny. I just say in a very impressed voice, "whooaaa're such a BIG boy, aren't you?!" and he immediately straightens his legs and gets this "really mom??" look on his face and gets super excited. It's pretty cute. 
Cool bandaids, kid! (and drool!)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Noah's 3rd month

In Noah's third month of life (he'll be 3 months old on the 20th...4 days from now), he had his 2 month check up (a couple weeks ago). His measurements were:
13 pounds...59th percentile
Length: 23.2 inches...36th percentile
Head circumference: 40.5...44th percentile

He's my short baby!! 
The doctor said he is growing perfectly though and that's what I am happy about! I have to take him back to the doc in a couple weeks for another check up. Because of his Hirschsprung's, we have to make sure his growth and development are right on point so that he can get the second surgery this summer.
 Noah reached a few milestones these past couple of weeks. First, he has started grabbing things! I got a picture of it the first time it happened.
 This week he also started grabbing his toes.
 His birth certificate! He was a happy guy when I showed it to him.

Lately when Mark gets home and we've eaten dinner, I put Noah on his lap and they watch TV....yikes! It was just too darn cute to break them up though. He's so comfy on daddy. They're best buds.
 Another big event that happened this month--Noah's blessing! On March 11th he was blessed in our Sharon Park 6th Ward. We had well over 50 family members come to show their support and love for him. He's popular, I tell ya! Afterward we had a luncheon at my parents' home in Provo. Luckily they remodeled the whole main floor because it was just big enough for everyone to fit comfortably! It was so sweet of them all to come. I felt bad for our home ward though--we took up the first 6 rows or so; they had to open up the gym and put chairs there! Whoops :)

He got some sweet pictures with his lady cousins (my cousins' kids)...that's Paisley on the left and Scarlett on the right. Noah's the youngest of the three, and he may be the biggest! Ladies' man...yeeeaaaahhh boyyyyy!

Courtney's visit

Courtney was able to stop here for a 2 day layover on her way back to Boston from San Fran that first weekend in March. We LOVED having her with us that weekend, and I'm sure she's now sure more than ever that kids can wait.... :) (But we all know that Noah is absolutely perfect and would actually induce a ravenous baby hunger that cannot be controlled....)

On the first night that she was here (Friday the 2nd), we went to Intermountain Healthcare's Chocolate Extravaganza--a fund-raising event for the NICU. This was probably the 4th year of going; I loved it and could seriously relate to it this year. We saw Noah's doctors and had an awesome time chatting with them. We just LOVED our NICU experience at Utah Valley RMC. Courtney was so sweet to be okay with going. I know it wasn't the funnest thing in the world.

On Saturday, we ate at La Jolla Groves (amazing), and she humored me and we went to see "The Vow" (baby-less). We smuggled in lots of chocolate from the night before and ordered popcorn smothered in butter. Yes, we're skinny. Mark was sweet and watched Noah. Then we went grocery can see that this was a very uneventful weekend for us! But that's exactly what the doctor ordered for her busy life. That night we made this beauty:
 Did you know you could make cake in the microwave????? Well, now you know! Make the cake mix, add a blob of icing in the middle, perhaps with some chocolate chips, and zap that baby in the microwave for 8 minutes!
Such a scary picture of me--excuse the iphone picture. We seriously ate and ate and ate while she was here...but boy, it was fun! This picture makes us both look like we're in 7th grade again (as commented from her Grandmother back in Texas).
I wish we had taken more pictures. We loved having her with us and Noah now knows he has an Auntie Courtney who loves him very much! Come visit again soon!

balloons are a boys' best friend

I don't know what it is about these balloons, but this kid can't get enough of them! After a month of having them, I finally popped them two days ago...that's some high quality helium!

The NOAHS meet

The day we got back from Hawaii, these two boys got to meet.
 Mark and I just love Matt and Megan {Morgan}. They moved to Hawaii then to Seattle just a few months ago, so it's been awhile since we have seen them. Their visit to Utah was short but we are so glad we got to see them. When Megan was just a few months pregnant, Mark and I found out we were expecting. She's been so helpful for new mommy advice since she's experienced everything just a few months ahead of me. Her "little" guy is almost 4 months older than our Noah, and at least 4 times bigger!!
 I couldn't get enough of Noah Matthew! His thighs and toes...too irresistible!
 (took these from Facebook, thanks M!!)
We're excited to see them again! And hopefully our NOah will be chunked up a bit more!

Valentine's Day

We splurged on V-day and went to Magleby's. Mark got their seafood buffet, and I got their blackened chicken pasta dish. It was delish.
 The family picture cracks me up. Noah's had enough.
 Mark brought home some pretty flowers and LOTS of chocolates. I'm such a chocoholic it's disgusting.
 I adorned our bed with lots of sweet notes for Mark and a dozen balloons tied to them. I think Noah was the bigger fan of the balloons. It was a fun day and I just LOVE my boys.


Pictures from my camera:
On our walk we found these pretty trees. Noah's obviously excited about them too.

 Our attempt at a family picture in our hotel room at Waikiki....
 Let's try that again.
 Beautiful sunset
 Noah's first pool-time experience. This pool was a little cold, so we went to the lagoon.
 In the lagoon. A little warmer, but not ideal...So we moved to the kiddie pool.

 This is a cute one. I wonder if Noah will take after his daddy and be this big one day??
 Yes I cut off the bottom part of this photo because of my mom shorts. I didn't realize how hideous they were until I saw these pictures...
 ahh finally, the kiddie pool (obviously...). Do you think it's warmer because they all pee in it? I'm sure.
 Noah actually really liked it!
 I mean, he didn't scream or cry so I assume he liked it...

 My cuties!

 Noah turned 2 months old this day!
 He loves grandpa. This was taken in their room at Turtle Bay, our last night in Hawaii.
 At least HE looks cute!

 While taking pictures on Sunset Beach, we stumbled upon Noah's other fan-club....
 I was DYING. These girls just kept screaming, "HAWAII, HAWAII, BABY, BABY!!!"
 They probably stood there taking pictures of Noah in his Hawaii outfit for 5 minutes.
 We look like Locals, right?

 Noah's first dip in the ocean.

Pictures from my phone:
Noah was such a champ on the 6 hour flight. Not a peep from this kid, unless they were giggles!
 It helps that he can sleep in the worst possible positions.
 Aloha! We're here! I was hoping it'd be like on The Brady Bunch and have all the pretty Hawaiian ladies give us leis around our necks. Bummer!
 First Hawaiian sunset.

 We enjoyed lots of walks on the sidewalk by the beach in Waikiki. Oh Noah, you look so thrilled.
 Daddy always has to have a "vacation mustache", or all sorts of strange varieties.
 The best fish I've ever had, at Roy's on Waikiki. Probably the most expensive meal too. Thanks Papa Clark :)
 This was Mark's. He said it was the best meal he'd ever had--for him, that's saying something! So, save up so that you can go to Roy's, at Waikiki, in Hawaii.....haha.
 We are all sorts of excited to be in Hawaii, aren't we bud?
 This is where Noah resided for most of the time when we went to Turtle Bay--wrapped up in a towel on mine or Mark's lap and chest.
 The view from our room.
 Why Mark insisted on taking Noah's shirt off is beyond me. But you know what this protective mama says to the people who stare in disgust at his colostomy? ____ you!!! (you fill in the blank) *smiley face*
 Look, Noah's a HUGE baby!
 Oh wait, he shrunk a bit.
 LOVE this.
 A picture of where Jack Johnson was sitting with his family at Bonzai Sushi on the North Shore.
 Our little Yoda.
 Mommy and Daddy time.
 Why yes I am proud to call this man my husband....(@the Polynesian Cultural Center)

 The grandparents. They're like 30 years old at heart. Cute!

 I like this picture because I appear to be skinny.

 I'm wearing the hat that Mark won at one of the stations for banging drums with a large Polynesian man no this is not a run on sentence.
 My attempt at looking sexy while licking a Dole whip at the pineapple plantation.