Friday, March 16, 2012

Courtney's visit

Courtney was able to stop here for a 2 day layover on her way back to Boston from San Fran that first weekend in March. We LOVED having her with us that weekend, and I'm sure she's now sure more than ever that kids can wait.... :) (But we all know that Noah is absolutely perfect and would actually induce a ravenous baby hunger that cannot be controlled....)

On the first night that she was here (Friday the 2nd), we went to Intermountain Healthcare's Chocolate Extravaganza--a fund-raising event for the NICU. This was probably the 4th year of going; I loved it and could seriously relate to it this year. We saw Noah's doctors and had an awesome time chatting with them. We just LOVED our NICU experience at Utah Valley RMC. Courtney was so sweet to be okay with going. I know it wasn't the funnest thing in the world.

On Saturday, we ate at La Jolla Groves (amazing), and she humored me and we went to see "The Vow" (baby-less). We smuggled in lots of chocolate from the night before and ordered popcorn smothered in butter. Yes, we're skinny. Mark was sweet and watched Noah. Then we went grocery can see that this was a very uneventful weekend for us! But that's exactly what the doctor ordered for her busy life. That night we made this beauty:
 Did you know you could make cake in the microwave????? Well, now you know! Make the cake mix, add a blob of icing in the middle, perhaps with some chocolate chips, and zap that baby in the microwave for 8 minutes!
Such a scary picture of me--excuse the iphone picture. We seriously ate and ate and ate while she was here...but boy, it was fun! This picture makes us both look like we're in 7th grade again (as commented from her Grandmother back in Texas).
I wish we had taken more pictures. We loved having her with us and Noah now knows he has an Auntie Courtney who loves him very much! Come visit again soon!


  1. I love all your recent pictures! Your Hawaii trip looked sooo fun! And my favorite Nephew is just the cutest thing ever! :)

  2. First, you look beautiful! Second, still need to try la jolla! Third, sounds like my kind of BFF time!!