Friday, March 16, 2012


Pictures from my camera:
On our walk we found these pretty trees. Noah's obviously excited about them too.

 Our attempt at a family picture in our hotel room at Waikiki....
 Let's try that again.
 Beautiful sunset
 Noah's first pool-time experience. This pool was a little cold, so we went to the lagoon.
 In the lagoon. A little warmer, but not ideal...So we moved to the kiddie pool.

 This is a cute one. I wonder if Noah will take after his daddy and be this big one day??
 Yes I cut off the bottom part of this photo because of my mom shorts. I didn't realize how hideous they were until I saw these pictures...
 ahh finally, the kiddie pool (obviously...). Do you think it's warmer because they all pee in it? I'm sure.
 Noah actually really liked it!
 I mean, he didn't scream or cry so I assume he liked it...

 My cuties!

 Noah turned 2 months old this day!
 He loves grandpa. This was taken in their room at Turtle Bay, our last night in Hawaii.
 At least HE looks cute!

 While taking pictures on Sunset Beach, we stumbled upon Noah's other fan-club....
 I was DYING. These girls just kept screaming, "HAWAII, HAWAII, BABY, BABY!!!"
 They probably stood there taking pictures of Noah in his Hawaii outfit for 5 minutes.
 We look like Locals, right?

 Noah's first dip in the ocean.

Pictures from my phone:
Noah was such a champ on the 6 hour flight. Not a peep from this kid, unless they were giggles!
 It helps that he can sleep in the worst possible positions.
 Aloha! We're here! I was hoping it'd be like on The Brady Bunch and have all the pretty Hawaiian ladies give us leis around our necks. Bummer!
 First Hawaiian sunset.

 We enjoyed lots of walks on the sidewalk by the beach in Waikiki. Oh Noah, you look so thrilled.
 Daddy always has to have a "vacation mustache", or all sorts of strange varieties.
 The best fish I've ever had, at Roy's on Waikiki. Probably the most expensive meal too. Thanks Papa Clark :)
 This was Mark's. He said it was the best meal he'd ever had--for him, that's saying something! So, save up so that you can go to Roy's, at Waikiki, in Hawaii.....haha.
 We are all sorts of excited to be in Hawaii, aren't we bud?
 This is where Noah resided for most of the time when we went to Turtle Bay--wrapped up in a towel on mine or Mark's lap and chest.
 The view from our room.
 Why Mark insisted on taking Noah's shirt off is beyond me. But you know what this protective mama says to the people who stare in disgust at his colostomy? ____ you!!! (you fill in the blank) *smiley face*
 Look, Noah's a HUGE baby!
 Oh wait, he shrunk a bit.
 LOVE this.
 A picture of where Jack Johnson was sitting with his family at Bonzai Sushi on the North Shore.
 Our little Yoda.
 Mommy and Daddy time.
 Why yes I am proud to call this man my husband....(@the Polynesian Cultural Center)

 The grandparents. They're like 30 years old at heart. Cute!

 I like this picture because I appear to be skinny.

 I'm wearing the hat that Mark won at one of the stations for banging drums with a large Polynesian man no this is not a run on sentence.
 My attempt at looking sexy while licking a Dole whip at the pineapple plantation.


  1. Love these pictures and all your updates. And girl, you look GOOD. you are skinny and I love all these pictures. And yes, Noah is perfect for inducing baby fever :)

  2. Love these pictures!!! You guys look so cute, lil Hawaiian fam. :) and oh my gosh, Roy's ahi tuna and crab cakes are my faaaaavorite food in the whole wide world!! Yummmmmmm. So glad it was such a fun trip, love your commentary haha :)