Friday, March 16, 2012

Noah's 3rd month

In Noah's third month of life (he'll be 3 months old on the 20th...4 days from now), he had his 2 month check up (a couple weeks ago). His measurements were:
13 pounds...59th percentile
Length: 23.2 inches...36th percentile
Head circumference: 40.5...44th percentile

He's my short baby!! 
The doctor said he is growing perfectly though and that's what I am happy about! I have to take him back to the doc in a couple weeks for another check up. Because of his Hirschsprung's, we have to make sure his growth and development are right on point so that he can get the second surgery this summer.
 Noah reached a few milestones these past couple of weeks. First, he has started grabbing things! I got a picture of it the first time it happened.
 This week he also started grabbing his toes.
 His birth certificate! He was a happy guy when I showed it to him.

Lately when Mark gets home and we've eaten dinner, I put Noah on his lap and they watch TV....yikes! It was just too darn cute to break them up though. He's so comfy on daddy. They're best buds.
 Another big event that happened this month--Noah's blessing! On March 11th he was blessed in our Sharon Park 6th Ward. We had well over 50 family members come to show their support and love for him. He's popular, I tell ya! Afterward we had a luncheon at my parents' home in Provo. Luckily they remodeled the whole main floor because it was just big enough for everyone to fit comfortably! It was so sweet of them all to come. I felt bad for our home ward though--we took up the first 6 rows or so; they had to open up the gym and put chairs there! Whoops :)

He got some sweet pictures with his lady cousins (my cousins' kids)...that's Paisley on the left and Scarlett on the right. Noah's the youngest of the three, and he may be the biggest! Ladies' man...yeeeaaaahhh boyyyyy!

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