Saturday, March 17, 2012


On Monday, I called the Mountainlands Medical Clinic (I put that detail in to show you all that BYU doesn't do immunizations at the Health Center, nor does the County Health department...where I went the first time two weeks ago and where I was promptly turned away...) to see what their immunization hours were and if they were fully stocked (last time I called they said they had run out from the week...). We headed over there and waited for over an hour to get 4 immunizations. 

I wanted to think, "eh, this kid's had needles on all appendages; what's the big deal?"

I was so wrong! After that first shot (that I swear the needle was long enough to go through his leg) he let out this awful scream which resulted in me clearly getting choked up. After that first prick it was okay, and Noah was fine but SHEESH. 

Heaven help me when they have to prick, poke, cut out, stretch, and stitch this boy in a few months.

He likes to show off how he's a "big boy" by "standing" in his rocker. Seriously, it's so funny. I just say in a very impressed voice, "whooaaa're such a BIG boy, aren't you?!" and he immediately straightens his legs and gets this "really mom??" look on his face and gets super excited. It's pretty cute. 
Cool bandaids, kid! (and drool!)

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