Monday, April 16, 2012

show obsessions

Since last summer, I have watched full seasons of:

  • Friday Night Lights (all 4? seasons)
  • Prison Break (all 4 seasons)
  • Glee (the first season)
  • House (the first season)
  • Modern Family (the first season)
  • Parenthood (2 seasons)
  • Downton Abbey (2 seasons)

And now Mark and I are watching 30 Rock.  Is this pathetic or what?! I promise I don't just watch TV! Darn you Netflix!!!!!

They're all so different. I couldn't even tell you which are my favorites. They're all great. 30 Rock is maybe a little too edgy for my comfort, but some things are just too funny that make me beg for how Liz Lemon lives for food, Jenna lives for fame, and KENNETH! ahh! I LOVE Kenneth. Kills me. Tracy Jordan rubs me the wrong way at times. Love his entourage though.


  1. Omg we are show obsessed as well. We looooove 30 rock!!

  2. Love, love all the posts. Funny that you like Liz because she loves food!! (that's what I love about her, too) We should probably invite her to come have cazookies with us at The Chocolate. haha

  3. I have an obsession with FNL! Also Glee...watched some of Prison Break, I've heard 30 Rock is HILARIOUS! I need to join the bandwagon on that, seriously love Modern Family. Have you ever watched Up All Night? That's another good one. I probably shouldn't be given you more ideas though, since that's what this post is about :)

  4. Love all these shows. We are obsessed with FNL and Modern Family. I think we've seen all of House, and Bones and I LOVE Downton!!!!
    Castle and White Collar are good too :)

  5. did you know there is a 5th season of friday night lights? I mean unfortunately jason street shows up for a bit but its still soo gooood