Tuesday, April 3, 2012

So loved

I'm sitting in my bed with my two sweet boys asleep--Mark on my right and Noah on my left. I just went on my Facebook page and read all the sweet and encouraging words from many of you during our scary time with Noah just 3 months ago. I seriously cannot believe all the support and love from so many people--some who I hadn't spoken to for years! I can honestly say that all those words and prayers were felt throughout those scary days; I feel so loved.

There was a talk given in General Conference on Sunday morning by Elder Ronald A. Rasband that really hit home for me (among several others that I will probably talk about in a later post). He begins his talk by talking about his grandson Paxton who was born with a rare disease and had to be in Primary Children's NICU for an extended amount of time. Although Noah was only hospitalized for two weeks, it felt like years to me; but I am so grateful that his disease is just a hiccup in his normal life and will be resolved very soon. I was so grateful for this talk. Tears just streamed down my face throughout the whole thing as I held Noah in my lap and thanked my Heavenly Father for this gift that he gave Mark and me. "A perfect body is not required to achieve divine destiny" is something that both Elder Rasband AND Elder Nielson of the 12 Apostles said in their talks. Just having a body here on Earth is "priceless." I think that puts greater significance in how we take care of our bodies. "With all of you who have concerns....with a dear one, know this: with infinite love, and everlasting compassion, God our Heavenly Father loves your inflicted one, and he loves you." When I heard him say that, my whole body was filled with warmth and love. I truly felt Heavenly Father's love for me at that moment, and I know more than anything that He loves Noah infinitely.

We were reminded in a few General Conference addresses that we should never ignore a prompting when we feel it; I have a huge regret. On the day of Noah's blessing, ALL of our family members were gathered together. As my dad welcomed everyone into the home (we were at my parents' for a lunch afterward), I stood next to him and Mark. I had a prompting to say a few words myself to thank everyone for their continuing support on Noah's behalf. I especially wanted to recognize all of them for bringing us a meal (sometimes several meals) to the hospital so that we didn't have to leave Noah. But I didn't. I know I thanked everyone during those times of need, but it would have really been nice to collectively and publicly thank all of them for being rockstars.

Thank you times a million for even thinking about us during those tough times. I really cannot express it enough!

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  1. I SO thought of you guys during that talk! Great post. Noah sure is a happy little boy :)