Sunday, April 15, 2012

Usually, the kids in the house move away from their parents to go to college or take advantage of a job opportunity elsewhere. Am I right? Well, the Clarks don't like to do it this way. We all stayed here for college and have all been lucky enough to live within just a few minutes of one another, and now, my parents are moving away from all 4 of us kids. As of about two months ago, my dad took up a job offer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to be their new CEO of Mercy Health System. 
I'm so proud of him! Look at that resume...sweet, dad!

Anyway, I am sad that my best babysitters are moving across the country, but I am happy that they are keeping their beautiful home here so they will visit often, especially my mom. They bought another beautiful home in Wayne, PA--just a few minutes away from his office. It's on almost 2 acres of land surrounded by trees galore. Needless to say, I'm going to love visiting there! It's less than 2 hours from NYC, 2 hours from DC, and about 4.5 hours away from Boston. Can you say AWESOME? ANYWAY. Here are some pictures of our Easter week with family:
 Noah sticks his bum out just like his mama.
 Lookin' fly in his new overalls.

 Easter egg hunt at Kerri and Brent's (Mark's mom and step dad's home)
Grandpa got to come visit for the whole week!! It was so fun spending time with him. We'll get to see him this week too for our graduation.

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