Thursday, May 24, 2012

Five months old

My precious babe is five months old (on the 20th). Again, this month was filled with developmental milestones and I swear I think this month was the best, but I say that about every month!

In Noah's fifth month, he:
  • learned how to sleep through the night (his BIGGEST accomplishment in my opinion),
  • learned how to "sit up" with supervision,
  • started grabbing for real food,
  • mastered "scooting" to get to toys or a binky that he wants,
  • started getting super squirmy when changing his bag/diaper...(not so great),
  • successfully started falling asleep nine times out of ten that we are driving (sweet!),
  • started finding grown-up objects fun to play with (my iPhone...yeah, I'm sure that's really clean),
  • discovered that standing up is much more fun than laying down,
  • finally learned how to roll 360 degrees without whining about it (he's so flexible--looks painful every time he does it!),
  • started showing MUCH more interest in Mark. He's always loved his daddy, but now he gets so so giddy when Mark is looking at him/paying any attention to him. 
  • started SQUEALING...not when he breathes out, but when he breathes in. It's too funny!
  • started greeting people by grabbing their faces.
 He still loves playing with his tongue and hands and sucking on his toes ( flexible! He must have athletic parents ;) He is really fascinated with other babies and kids.  He loves shopping and looking at new things. We love him so much and he's so special. I am LOVING being home with him all day. He's my best buddy and I couldn't love him more. Here's a video of the beginnings of Noah trying to sit up.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day

I was pretty excited for Mother's Day this year (duh). Mark is such a sweet heart (but extremely manly of course, right honey? ;) He's been teaching himself how to code and all that tech-y stuff that I am clueless about. I didn't know that he had been making a site for our family, so when he handed me a piece of paper that said "" (Go ahead and look; I know you're just dying of curiosity), I was pretty surprised. He wrote me a sweet message on the site and promised to add to it as we go on trips and Noah gets older. He wants me to tell everyone that it's a work in progress. I'll still write on this blog but he'll keep that one up (I'm the type of wife who harps on him for not keeping an up-to-date journal. I use ammunition like: "what if I die and you don't have anything to say about our life together? Our children will think I was the devil!" Terrible, I know. Now this will be a way for him to contribute to our family's story. It was the best present that I could have ever ask for! 
The iPad was pretty surprising too. (No wonder he made this week a "spending freeze" for me! Darn medical bills!)
I joke that he's totally enabling my bad habits of watching too much Netflix (Gossip Girl is my current obsesh) while Noah is napping and nursing. He even said, "Now instead of carrying Noah and your big laptop, you can carry the iPad! It will be much easier." Oh boy, did I ever marry the right man. (My love for TV will be in another post. I used to be embarrassed about it, but I've learned to embrace it. Shameless I tell you.)

This is the little guy who's responsible for qualifying myself as a mama. My little hellion.
Don't let those sweet cheeks fool you. The week leading up to Mother's Day was one for the books. Luckily he snapped out of it by Monday :)
He knows that every time I put my phone up and say "Look!" or "Noah, Smile!" to look at me and ham it up. I've trained you well, my son.

Provo City 5k

 Grandpa Clark

Running was fun, but eating is better!

On May 5th, Mark got up at the crack of dawn to get bussed up the canyon to run 13.1 miles. I, on the other hand, took the shorter and smarter route and rolled out of bed around 7:30 to start the 5k at 8:30. I look up to Mark. He is a big guy but still wants to be a running machine. He ran with his mom and sister so it was neat seeing the three of them cross the finish line together. I originally signed up for the big Half M when I was PRE post-par-tum. HA. That's laughable now. Can you imagine? I'd have eaten the pavement due to 1-exhaustion and 2-engorged tatas.

Anyway, I think my average time was 10:09 minute mile. Speedy as a turtle, I know. Noah was the star, of course. It was a chilly morn so we had to get him all bundled up. That hat kills me. It was fun having most of my fam run it too. I kick myself for not having pictures with Mark.


Three weeks ago I started the Insanity workout plan. I was DETERMINED to do it everyday, and I did.
For two weeks.

I've only done it once this week. I feel like I hit a wall partly because the weather is so nice now and I just want to run outside. Doing a workout indoors seems silly to me. The other part of me got lazy too.

Side story: Earlier this week I was NOT motivated to work out at all, so I asked Mark if I could go with him to this football training thing he's been going to at the Provo High track. You read me training. The guy who trains him is his old trainer from high school and college. His name is "Layton". He played in the pros for awhile and now does this for fun. Mark laughed at me but said "sure". So, grandma Dodie watched Noah and we headed to the track for short-distance speed work. I wish I had a picture of us. Mark, his huge brother Ryan, two other high school football dudes, and yours truly--all lined up on the football field doing sprints. Did I feel silly? You wish! It was seriously such a blast, and I could barely move the next day.

I'm getting back into it, starting today. I have to be held accountable! I was doing great when I posted pictures on Instagram each time I did a work out. That's not to rub it in peoples' faces that I'm working out--it really kept me honest and motivated. That's why I'm posting this right now, too! I really do love how it makes me feel when I'm finished and that it's not too long of a work out that it drags. It goes by pretty quickly, especially when Noah watches me and giggles and squeals. I have to get into shape! But my goodness it really is hard when your breasts are filling up with milk. Big boobs really do add weight. I'm excited to be able to fit into my shirts again, but that won't be for awhile. It's for the baby it's for the baby it's for the baby..... yeah, that was a tangent...about boobs. You're welcome :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"How to Make a Baby" (Rated PG)

I posted this on my blog exactly 2 years ago. I have a whole new perspective on this...!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Leanne visited

From April 22-25th, my best friend from Elementary school (in good ol' Corpus Christi, Texas) came to visit! We last saw each other a year ago when I went out to Boston to watch my mom run the marathon (and told her in person that I was prego). That year FLEW and she needed to meet my offspring. I love Leanne because we can go a month without talking but pick up right where we left off without skipping a beat. 

Leanne is a genius. She helps design and test rocket engines in Connecticut...!! She's an MIT grad but you wouldn't guess that since she's so stinkin' down to earth and normal...we get along great and can literally talk about anything and everything. There aren't many people who are like that!

We went swimming at my M-I-L's pool. LOVED feeling those rays. And being with someone who is bustier than I am (pardon the hint of cleave).
She spoiled Noah rotten with clothes and this adorable Fedora. I had been wanting to get him one, so I was pretty excited about it. I think he was too :) You have to keep that bald head shaded somehow!
 We were really bad at taking pictures while she was here (of course). Here's Noah while we waited for her to arrive at the airport...
We didn't do a whole lot, and to me those are the best kinds of vacations. We slept in, ate at good restaurants, went on a canyon stroll, and visited late into the night. She was a good sport about Provo/Orem not having a lot of coffee shops! She had to get her coffee each morning and now I know to research places to get it before she comes next time! :)

 Noah took to her immediately. It was so nice having someone else there to just watch him while I did little things here and there. You're welcome to come back ANYTIME my dear :) She's a natural with babies.
 She got to witness Noah's first "big people" food taste. He grabbed a chip and sneaked it into his mouth so fast. He wants to eat real food now. I think he liked the salt. :) We loved having her here and I consider myself so blessed to have a friend that I've been close to all these years. I may or may not have gained at least 4 pounds while she was here...but hey, that's a sign of a good time in my book!

4 months old

 I'm a couple weeks late on this one. Happy 4 months Noah! This month has been a big one. He hit a lot of milestones and gets more fun every day. This was a little photo shoot I did just after graduation on April 20th. He's on a blanket that my sister got in Bethlehem. He was blessed in it and I never got a picture of him with it.

He didn't exactly love the grass. 
 Here's our little froggy just after we changed his bag and bathed him. He LOVES the bath. He kicks and splashes and squeals with glee.
 He still loves his feet and toes. When I don't have a toy nearby I just take off his socks and they act as a substitute for at least a little while...
  He loves to stand up tall. He started to "crawl" a couple of weeks ago. When he sees something that he wants (his beloved binky), he goes for it. He'll get frustrated but it takes him a long time to give up. He's so resilient. I won't be surprised if he starts crawling very soon! Yikes!

 When he was 4 months and a week old, we took him to the doctor. He has eczema...bummer! He was in the 64th percentile in everything: 15 lbs. 12.5 oz. weight, 25.5 inches length, and I forgot the head circumference, but he's right where he needs to be and we're so so grateful. We weren't sure with his disease if he'd be small, so we're thrilled he's developing perfectly.
 For our graduation party, we took pictures with Noah's newest girl cousin Penelope. She's just precious and has a full head of brown hair. 

 Noah likes to get mad. He'll be giggling for an hour straight and then suddenly WHAM, anger strikes. We'll work on that. I still can't help but laugh at these little tantrums. He's a smart little dude and gets even more mad when he sees me laughing at him. He and I have a lot of heart-to-heart "conversations". He's so responsive now and is starting to repeat sounds and faces that we make.

 He's so curious and observant. When we get in a big group, he'll just sit and look at each person or find an object and reach for it. He's like his dad--goofy and silly at home, and more reserved in groups. It's cute. He grabs at everything now. He also we have to be super careful now at what is on the floor and I can't put him on the couch or bed anymore without being right next to him.
 He also got to play with his newest boy cousin Regi this month. He was poking Regi and just wanted to play, but Regi wasn't having it. I can't wait to watch these boys learn and grow together. He's so lucky to have so many cousins his age.
 Drool is a staple at our house. Bullseye is even amazed at this impressive string.
 We can't get enough of his cuteness. As soon as that little smile and tongue come out, we're goners. It's pretty pathetic how much we talk about this kid.

 He LOVES kids. The minute one of my little cousins or nephew Nico comes into the room, Noah automatically lights up. My brother Austin also has awesome abilities to make this kid so giggly. Noah laughed when he was 3 WEEKS old and hasn't stopped since. I love it so much. He loves to be messed with--playing "peek-a-boo" is one of his very favorites. He also laughs at me when I sing to him. Lately it's been "If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops...." I get a pretty good arm workout throwing him in the air and running with him smashed in my bosom from room to room. I'll do anything to make him laugh, and so does Mark. It's a drug I tell you!