Tuesday, May 8, 2012

4 months old

 I'm a couple weeks late on this one. Happy 4 months Noah! This month has been a big one. He hit a lot of milestones and gets more fun every day. This was a little photo shoot I did just after graduation on April 20th. He's on a blanket that my sister got in Bethlehem. He was blessed in it and I never got a picture of him with it.

He didn't exactly love the grass. 
 Here's our little froggy just after we changed his bag and bathed him. He LOVES the bath. He kicks and splashes and squeals with glee.
 He still loves his feet and toes. When I don't have a toy nearby I just take off his socks and they act as a substitute for at least a little while...
  He loves to stand up tall. He started to "crawl" a couple of weeks ago. When he sees something that he wants (his beloved binky), he goes for it. He'll get frustrated but it takes him a long time to give up. He's so resilient. I won't be surprised if he starts crawling very soon! Yikes!

 When he was 4 months and a week old, we took him to the doctor. He has eczema...bummer! He was in the 64th percentile in everything: 15 lbs. 12.5 oz. weight, 25.5 inches length, and I forgot the head circumference, but he's right where he needs to be and we're so so grateful. We weren't sure with his disease if he'd be small, so we're thrilled he's developing perfectly.
 For our graduation party, we took pictures with Noah's newest girl cousin Penelope. She's just precious and has a full head of brown hair. 

 Noah likes to get mad. He'll be giggling for an hour straight and then suddenly WHAM, anger strikes. We'll work on that. I still can't help but laugh at these little tantrums. He's a smart little dude and gets even more mad when he sees me laughing at him. He and I have a lot of heart-to-heart "conversations". He's so responsive now and is starting to repeat sounds and faces that we make.

 He's so curious and observant. When we get in a big group, he'll just sit and look at each person or find an object and reach for it. He's like his dad--goofy and silly at home, and more reserved in groups. It's cute. He grabs at everything now. He also rolls...so we have to be super careful now at what is on the floor and I can't put him on the couch or bed anymore without being right next to him.
 He also got to play with his newest boy cousin Regi this month. He was poking Regi and just wanted to play, but Regi wasn't having it. I can't wait to watch these boys learn and grow together. He's so lucky to have so many cousins his age.
 Drool is a staple at our house. Bullseye is even amazed at this impressive string.
 We can't get enough of his cuteness. As soon as that little smile and tongue come out, we're goners. It's pretty pathetic how much we talk about this kid.

 He LOVES kids. The minute one of my little cousins or nephew Nico comes into the room, Noah automatically lights up. My brother Austin also has awesome abilities to make this kid so giggly. Noah laughed when he was 3 WEEKS old and hasn't stopped since. I love it so much. He loves to be messed with--playing "peek-a-boo" is one of his very favorites. He also laughs at me when I sing to him. Lately it's been "If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops...." I get a pretty good arm workout throwing him in the air and running with him smashed in my bosom from room to room. I'll do anything to make him laugh, and so does Mark. It's a drug I tell you!


  1. Awww...I just love that little Noah! He's so dang cute.

  2. He has the best smile. So cute.

  3. Soooo cute! He really is so adorable! I can't believe that little chunk came out so huge and then 4 months later is only 14 pounds haha crazy kid. I love hearing all about his cute personality!

  4. I can't believe how much bigger he is since February! I love seeing his personality come out in these pictures. What a handsome dude. :)