Thursday, May 24, 2012

Five months old

My precious babe is five months old (on the 20th). Again, this month was filled with developmental milestones and I swear I think this month was the best, but I say that about every month!

In Noah's fifth month, he:
  • learned how to sleep through the night (his BIGGEST accomplishment in my opinion),
  • learned how to "sit up" with supervision,
  • started grabbing for real food,
  • mastered "scooting" to get to toys or a binky that he wants,
  • started getting super squirmy when changing his bag/diaper...(not so great),
  • successfully started falling asleep nine times out of ten that we are driving (sweet!),
  • started finding grown-up objects fun to play with (my iPhone...yeah, I'm sure that's really clean),
  • discovered that standing up is much more fun than laying down,
  • finally learned how to roll 360 degrees without whining about it (he's so flexible--looks painful every time he does it!),
  • started showing MUCH more interest in Mark. He's always loved his daddy, but now he gets so so giddy when Mark is looking at him/paying any attention to him. 
  • started SQUEALING...not when he breathes out, but when he breathes in. It's too funny!
  • started greeting people by grabbing their faces.
 He still loves playing with his tongue and hands and sucking on his toes ( flexible! He must have athletic parents ;) He is really fascinated with other babies and kids.  He loves shopping and looking at new things. We love him so much and he's so special. I am LOVING being home with him all day. He's my best buddy and I couldn't love him more. Here's a video of the beginnings of Noah trying to sit up.


  1. He is getting so big! Too cute.

  2. Noah is so ridiculously cute. That second picture is one of my FAVORITE shapes a baby makes, arching his back and sticking his booty out while he sleeps. I LOVE IT! So glad you got a picture of it to remind me of how sweet babies can be at that age.

  3. My goodness that little guy is TOO CUTE!!! I keep saying to myself "Man, he looks like his mom! Oh wait, he looks like his Daddy in that picture" He's a good mix of you both!! Can you believe how FAST they grow? Don't you feel like you JUST had a baby and he should still be really really little? I feel like that ALL the time but before we know it, these little babies will be ONE and then TWO and then they will be DATING and GETTING MARRIED!! AHH!! Crazy!! He is so dang cute and I am so glad he is doing so well!! yay for baby Noah!