Thursday, May 3, 2012


 On April 20th, Mark and I did the whole cap-n-gown shindig at the Smith field house. It was a bit too early for my comfort (8 a.m...gag) and a little to loooooooongggg for my liking, but it's one of those things that I had to do simply for the pictures. I want my kids to have pictures of me graduating from college. That has always been important to me!

Mark's parents and step-parents, my parents, grandma Carol, sister Erica and Mark's brother Ryan were all there. My dad flew in late the night before from Philly so that he could be there. It meant a lot to us. They were all so kind to take time out of their busy week to come see this boring event. Noah was restless most of the time I heard, but there were plenty of hands to help out.

My mom even took me shopping the day before for a pretty dress at Banana Republic. I'm so bummed we didn't get a pic of that beauty. It's hidden under that flattering gown.

(On this day we tested my breast proved that going more than 4 hours without pumping or nursing causes lots of pain and therefore I dropped out of doing the half marathon this Saturday! Goodbye half marathon, hello 5k. :) Much better.)

That night we had a fiesta with ALL of our families up at Mark's mom (Kerri) and step dad's home in Alpine. They seriously did so much to prepare for it and we will always be so grateful. Look at that cake! It was delicious! Thanks Mom :) Kerri had everything blue and even printed up pictures from graduation that morning and framed them. We loved having all of our family together. It was a really wonderful day.


  1. Such a cool cake! Congratulations on graduating! I want to see your dress!

  2. Congrats Amy!!! I know how much work that was and am so happy and excited for you guys!!! You are the cutest little family! We still keep little Noah in our prayers and hope everything keeps going fantastic for you all! =)