Saturday, May 19, 2012


Three weeks ago I started the Insanity workout plan. I was DETERMINED to do it everyday, and I did.
For two weeks.

I've only done it once this week. I feel like I hit a wall partly because the weather is so nice now and I just want to run outside. Doing a workout indoors seems silly to me. The other part of me got lazy too.

Side story: Earlier this week I was NOT motivated to work out at all, so I asked Mark if I could go with him to this football training thing he's been going to at the Provo High track. You read me training. The guy who trains him is his old trainer from high school and college. His name is "Layton". He played in the pros for awhile and now does this for fun. Mark laughed at me but said "sure". So, grandma Dodie watched Noah and we headed to the track for short-distance speed work. I wish I had a picture of us. Mark, his huge brother Ryan, two other high school football dudes, and yours truly--all lined up on the football field doing sprints. Did I feel silly? You wish! It was seriously such a blast, and I could barely move the next day.

I'm getting back into it, starting today. I have to be held accountable! I was doing great when I posted pictures on Instagram each time I did a work out. That's not to rub it in peoples' faces that I'm working out--it really kept me honest and motivated. That's why I'm posting this right now, too! I really do love how it makes me feel when I'm finished and that it's not too long of a work out that it drags. It goes by pretty quickly, especially when Noah watches me and giggles and squeals. I have to get into shape! But my goodness it really is hard when your breasts are filling up with milk. Big boobs really do add weight. I'm excited to be able to fit into my shirts again, but that won't be for awhile. It's for the baby it's for the baby it's for the baby..... yeah, that was a tangent...about boobs. You're welcome :)


  1. I could never do that. GO YOU! Seriously.

  2. You should come do Insanity in the mornings with us! I'm horribly out of shape. By far the worst person at it. Noah can play with baby McKay (our friend's baby) in the play pen made out of church chairs turned sideways! haha