Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Leanne visited

From April 22-25th, my best friend from Elementary school (in good ol' Corpus Christi, Texas) came to visit! We last saw each other a year ago when I went out to Boston to watch my mom run the marathon (and told her in person that I was prego). That year FLEW and she needed to meet my offspring. I love Leanne because we can go a month without talking but pick up right where we left off without skipping a beat. 

Leanne is a genius. She helps design and test rocket engines in Connecticut...!! She's an MIT grad but you wouldn't guess that since she's so stinkin' down to earth and normal...we get along great and can literally talk about anything and everything. There aren't many people who are like that!

We went swimming at my M-I-L's pool. LOVED feeling those rays. And being with someone who is bustier than I am (pardon the hint of cleave).
She spoiled Noah rotten with clothes and this adorable Fedora. I had been wanting to get him one, so I was pretty excited about it. I think he was too :) You have to keep that bald head shaded somehow!
 We were really bad at taking pictures while she was here (of course). Here's Noah while we waited for her to arrive at the airport...
We didn't do a whole lot, and to me those are the best kinds of vacations. We slept in, ate at good restaurants, went on a canyon stroll, and visited late into the night. She was a good sport about Provo/Orem not having a lot of coffee shops! She had to get her coffee each morning and now I know to research places to get it before she comes next time! :)

 Noah took to her immediately. It was so nice having someone else there to just watch him while I did little things here and there. You're welcome to come back ANYTIME my dear :) She's a natural with babies.
 She got to witness Noah's first "big people" food taste. He grabbed a chip and sneaked it into his mouth so fast. He wants to eat real food now. I think he liked the salt. :) We loved having her here and I consider myself so blessed to have a friend that I've been close to all these years. I may or may not have gained at least 4 pounds while she was here...but hey, that's a sign of a good time in my book!

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  1. Ok, I freaking love that fedora. Also, does she work for Pratt and Whitney??