Monday, June 18, 2012


There's no fast way to blog about the last two or so weeks, but I will try to condense all of the adventures. I could blog all day today with details concerning a few of these bullet points, but I'll spare you!!!!!

  • going to California and staying at a beach house for 4 days (with Mark's mom/step dad/step siblings/Cassidy/Ryan)
  • going to Six Flags and riding roller coasters for the first time in probably two+  years
  • taking Noah to his first MLB game (Dodgers vs. Angels in Dodgers' stadium)
  • watching Noah sit up, clap, reach for Mark and me, get closer to Mark's family
  • discovering Noah has two teeth budding (this could also be a low)
  • celebrating Mark's first Father's Day
  • Mark and me getting closer :)
  • Noah eating solid foods (so far squash, sweet potato, mushed up bananas, receipt paper (whoops), and a few other things that I can't remember)
  • Noah loving ice and water
  • Noah sipping out of a sippy cup
  • No longer shedding my long locks like a golden retriever in the summer
  • watching Noah LOVE the water and splash at his heart's content
  • seeing all the love that people have for Noah. It's really so sweet.

  • Getting the stomach flu for a day and giving it to Mark and Mark's mom
  • Noah teething...(it's crazy how differently he acts...seriously a little monster but I feel so badly for the little guy)
  • Noah having cold symptoms for 10+ days
  • Driving 11 hours to the beach house each way (Noah did great actually, but it's so loooong)
  • Noah ripping his bag off while at the pool and waving it around (mini heart attack)
  • Noah throwing up twice on me (it definitely was not "spit up" know that smell...yuck!)
  • Noah pooping all over me (luckily it was in the bathtub!!!)
  • Getting a 102 degree temperature/sore throat/headache (this is happening now...I feel like I ruined Mark's father's day)
  • Not exercising at all the past almost 3 weeks due to sickness/laziness (URGH!)
  • Not producing as much breast milk
  • Noah not wanting to eat (I think that's due to's the WORST feeling when he doesn't want to nurse! Hard to explain...other moms get my drift?)
  • Noah BITING my nips with his new, very very sharp two teeth
  • Noah having an eye infection (started 2 days ago...looking much better today)
  • Not getting Noah's insurance card from HIP Utah
There seem to be more lows than highs but that's mostly due to all the sickness around here. I am NEVER sick, so for me to get sick (like, I can't move or take care of  Noah sick) twice in the last few weeks is driving me crazy. Luckily Mark is the most amazing daddy ever and just takes over all of Noah's needs.

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  1. You are such a rockstar mama! And I love you for being so open and sharing about your life, all us other mamas can totally relate! I hope you feel better soon-- and Noah's infection, too! :(