Saturday, July 14, 2012

6 months old

Noah is almost 7 months old, so I'd better get a move on!

This morning was his 6 month well baby check (his doc is busy, we've been busy...yes, very late).
Length: 28 inches (86th percentile)
Weight: 17.87 pounds (45th percentile)
Head circumference: (68th percentile)

This was the first well baby check we've had with his doctor since changing insurance companies. I like this doc a lot. Noah is doing wonderfully and the next time we see this doctor he will be like a real boy and poop out of his bum. Yay!

Noah's latest skills/attributes:

  • He claps, waves his hands and rolls his wrists AND sticks out his tongue when he's excited
  • He can crawl/scoot backwards and hold a plank position
  • He has two teeth--that takes SKILL, I promise. Those were hard to get and painful!
  • He finds every single tiny string or fiber on any surface and picks it up right to his mouth
  • He plays games with us like "Where's Mama/Daddy/Noah?", peek-a-boo, and loves when I play make-believe with Woody and Ernie (they "talk" to him and he seems to get a real kick out of that)
  • He absolutely LOVES DOGGIES. He waves his arms and lurches forward and squeals at them. We noticed he also did this with pigeons in San Fran. I think we have an animal lover on our hands!
  • He's a mover. When he's awake, he's just a busy body. The upside is that he keeps himself entertained very easily. The downside? Once he's crawling all over the place I'm going to be extremely busy.
  • He is already weaning himself off of breast-feeding. I feed him as much as I can but he can't stand to not look around (especially in the afternoon for some reason). I usually give him one bottle of formula, along with two solid food meals and the rest breast milk (if he lets me!). He's not a big eater--I wish he'd give his appetite to me!
  • He's a pro sleeper. This makes me extremely happy. 
  • We have FINALLY moved him to his room!!! His daddy is the biggest softy that I've ever heard of. He acted heart broken when I told him it was time for Noah to finally move into his own room. We've put it off for MONTHS now, and Mark just cracks me up! He is so attached to him. It's really so adorable.
  • Noah's favorite foods: squash, bananas, sweet potatoes, pears, apples, rice cereal WITH pear/apple sauce, ice water. Noah's not-so-favorite: peas. 
  • Noah's favorite toys: any kind of paper (preferably receipts or napkins), balloons, cup, rattle, iPhone, or anything that he shouldn't play with...
He's an absolute JOY to us. When he's not with us, we're talking about him. When he is around, he's constantly being bombarded with tickles, tackles, balancing tricks, upside-down swinging, and of course kisses. He's our little stud muffin and as Mark put it, "I seriously can't think about how our life was without him." And it's true.

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  1. What an eater. Brooklyn is missing out! She is still exclusively B.F. I'm sure she'd love some water mellon and rolls. I need to put solids, for her, on my to do list.
    What a cutie, that Noah! I love how Mark was heart broken about moving Noah into his own room. Tyler can't wait for that day.