Sunday, July 15, 2012

California Beach Trip

This is way late, but over a month ago (June 9th) we drove out to southern California (L.A. area) for a beach house trip with Mark's mom, Ryan, Cassidy, and step-dad Brent and his kids Andrea & Brady & Elsha, Tim & Paisley, and Scott. Unfortunately, Mark's two older brothers Josh and Erik and their families couldn't make it. We missed them and their kids so much, but Noah enjoyed getting all the attention of course.

We went to a Dodgers game and to Six Flags while we were there. It was so much fun! There were exactly three things that I missed while being pregnant: libido, sushi, and ROLLER COASTERS.  I could have ridden the Batman ride a gazillllionnn times. Kerri watched Noah while I indulged on some adrenaline highs. Roller coasters are my absolute favorite. I think I cried on the first ride we went on out of pure joy. And then I cried when we had to leave.

We are so grateful for fun vacations so that we can make more memories as a family and get closer. We thought it would be pretty chilly, but it was actually pretty warm! The house was just beautiful and we probably over-indulged a bit on food...(surprise surprise). We had one adventure where we were locked out of the house, so guess who was elected to climb through a teeny tiny window in the downstairs bathroom? Yes, ex-cheerleader-gone-fat person....yours truly. I may or may not have damaged the towel hanger on the way down...I was laughing so hard at how chubby I was trying to get through this small hole in the wall.

Here is some visual documentation of the trip.
Just something Noah picked up at the gas station on the way there.

Noah's first time on the California coast.

At the Dodgers game

Six Flags

Burying Uncle Ryan in the sand (Ladies, he's single!)

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  1. So fun! I loooove six flags!! Batman was awesome. Haha, with all our weird timing and baby stuff, I am dying for some real coasters. I'd cry too!!