Sunday, July 15, 2012

California (wedding trip)

This is a big time journal post. It's looong, mostly for my records, so go ahead and move on to a more interesting blog post! :)
Our recent trip to California was a blast. Noah is a little stud and such a good kid. He did really well on the 10 hr. drive and we got there in time for my cousin's wedding dinner on Friday, July 6th. After Noah was smooched by my dozens of Aunts and cousins there, we drove another half hour to Davis where Mark's Grandma Freeman resides.

When she saw Noah, there was a connection immediately. They were best buds and there was nothing we could do to stop it. Threats were made to kidnap him! I don't blame her! I took a few too many pictures and videos of them interacting, but I've never seen him "talk" to anyone like he did her. So cute.

The next day was Wedding day. We headed to the Sacramento LDS Temple to witness Doug and Maddy's sealing for time and all eternity. My uncle was the best. Before the ceremony started, he stood up in the reverent sealing room and said, "I just want to say that I did everything I could to keep this from happening..." and went on about it for another minute or so. My uncle is hilarious. This was his last baby girl to get married, so it was an emotional day for him. The party that night was unbelievable. The whole thing could be in a wedding magazine. Their theme was Carnival. Hot dogs, cotton candy, dart boards, dunking booth, candy stand, pony rides, tickets, snow cones, you name it. We may or may not have left for a half hour to get food at a nearby Chipotle...It was probably the funnest reception I've been to...maybe part of it is because I wore my neon pants and seemed to fit right in :) They didn't even put an end time on their invites; we finally left at 11 when Noah fell asleep on my shoulder while I was dancing to Justin Bieber. The best part: their last name is Aud, pronounced "Odd." The Aud couple. So funny and so appropriate.

Sunday we had breakfast with Grandma and went to church with her. She is a cook and an amazing hostess. She made us blueberry buttermilk pancakes that were to die for! I see where Mark and his dad get it from now :) We have such a wonderful time chatting with her that it was 10:30 before we realized what time it was and church started at 11! After church we had Mark's oldest cousin Scott and his wife and kids over for the afternoon. Noah was in HEAVEN. He just squealed and squealed over all their little girls and one 15 month old boy. He's such a social butterfly and so full of personality. He "planked" for the first time that night for Grandma. He'll be crawling any day now!

That night we met Mark's cousin Kim's husband, Dave. Dave has a little boy (Lincoln) who was born 3 months early who had to get 3 open heart surgeries, brain surgery, and then because of malpractice, his right leg amputated. He's almost 2 now. After talking to him about their trials these past two years, it just made me feel for them and realize how strong people are. He's living with Grandma F. for a month while doing rotations at a nearby children's hospital for his P.A. degree. He and his wife are amazing.

Monday we went to San Francisco--Mark's very favorite. We enjoyed the cooler weather and watching Noah go wild over all the pigeons and seagulls. We had lots of yummy food and paid a lot of money to park there :) It's just part of it I guess! I had fun looking at antique shops and people watching. Noah got a lot of attention, as per the usual.

Tuesday we did a whole lot of...NOTHING! P.J's til 1 p.m., lots of good food and just visiting with Grandma. It was perfect. He's ready to crawl any day now. We drove back Wednesday and Noah slept the first 5 hours...!!! Angel child, bless you! He had a little break down when we hit the point of the mountain until I distracted him enough to be happy until we pulled into our apartment complex.

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