Friday, August 24, 2012

tender mercies

As you all might guess, Mark and I are swamped in medical & insurance bills {still} and I'm constantly burdened with urges that I need to get a job to help compensate. Mark continues to say that he doesn't want me to feel stressed about anything and that we will be just fine. Faith. Is. Huge. So, here I sit and I think about all of my blessings. We have everything that we need. Mark and I are healthy. Noah is healthy (minus the poop-bag, intestine issue). We love our ward. We love our apartment. We have incredible families.

Here are my tender mercies for the day:
I have an aunt having a baby in a month and a sister-in-law due in October. My aunt's shower is tomorrow and I am THE BIGGEST procrastinator (so sad, given all the free time on my hands) and my sis-in-law is moving to Boston in a few days so I thought I'd go see what bargain shopping I could do for them. Also, we've been feeding Noah just on the ground and I figured I should probably get him some kind of a high chair/booster seat because it is a PAIN to feed him when he's just wanting to crawl all over the place.

{Tender Mercy(ies) #1}
I went to Babies R' Us because I had a coupon and maybe a gift card somewhere in my wallet... Well, I pick out a few items on the registry and see that the "space saver" high chair is 60 dollars! No way Jose! So I go check out with the two baby gifts. I happened to have a gift card and had no idea how much was on it. My total for the purchases was $36 and as she scanned the gift card and BOOM it covered EVERYTHING. Then, she said I had $24 left on the card. I thought "sweet! I'll go grab that high chair!" I went to the back, stuck it in my cart, and Noah was unbelievably fussy by this point so I thought "I'll go nurse him real quick then I'll check out." Well, as I walked to the mother's room, I saw a portable high chair for $27! Score!! I nursed him, he was great, badda-bing-badda-boom we headed to get checked out and I had a %15 off coupon for high chairs. It didn't work. I asked the employee if there was any way I could get the discount and she went ahead and gave me not %15, but %20!! So after all of that, I paid $1.82. Heavenly Father is good people. I'm totally feeling watched over and it's continually a testimony builder that He cares about me and loves me.

{Tender Mercy #2}
On Tuesday I went with my mom, Estef, and my two nephews to Thanksgiving Point's farm yard petting zoo. It was a mad house. There were people and strollers and kids everywhere for "Two Dollar Tuesday." While waiting in line a man was asking people if they wanted to take a survey for a chance to win a free membership to Thanksgiving Point. I gave him my email and we had a blast the rest of the morning.
I took the survey that night and answered one of the last questions that was something like this: "Would you likely return to the farm yard? Why or why not?" I briefly answered saying that I would return because my 8 month old had so much fun looking at all the animals and we planned on returning on Monday before his surgery that week (true story). Well, I get a response saying that he wanted to send us a "gift" for Noah and asked me how many family members we had for free passes to the farm yard. I didn't know what to write back--I was so touched. I thought it was really sweet. I wrote back saying thank you and that we would love to have 8 if he could. I was thinking of grandparents and nieces/nephews. He said it'd be in the mail and to let me know when I received it.
I checked the mail today and there was a package. He sent us not only 8 passes to the farm yard, but 8 passes to the museum and also the gardens AND a free family membership ($175) to Thanksgiving Point! Holy cow. I am still so touched by his kindness.

{Tender Mercy #3}
My mom. She is in town and my goodness, has she taken good care of me. She knows of our situation and loves us so much. She gave us some grocery money the other day and honestly that was HARD to accept! It was very much needed though and she did it without even hesitating. The next day she took Noah and my other nephew Regi to get their passports. It's over a hundred dollars to do that and she covered both of theirs. Then she took me to Costco where she bought over 400 diapers and wipes for Noah and stocked us up with meat and groceries so that we don't have to worry about going shopping after we get home from the hospital. I hope that one day I can do that for my children. My dad needs to get credit too because he's been working 60+ hours a week so that he can do sweet things like this for his kids. It's hard to be humble and accept help, but I have to realize that one day I will be doing this for someone in need myself and we all need help in one form or another every once in awhile.

There are so many good people out there. It makes me want to be a better person and serve others more faithfully. We are instruments in Christ's hands--It's so important to remember that. Mark and I aren't going hungry or anything, so don't worry about inviting us to do fun things! We are doing great and the great thing is that Noah's condition won't be an on-going expense for us. The medical bills will eventually be gone and that is a wonderful thing.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8 months old

OH boy, this kid is too much fun. In his eighth month, Noah has accomplished a lot! He's a speedy crawler, is climbing up on things, constantly saying "mamama", "dadadada" , "ttssss" like a snake, "neh-neh", "ba-ba" and "ah-boo." I love his chit-chats with us. When we talk back to him, he has the most concentrated, studious look on his face, followed by that million-dollar smile. He's learning so much and is a smart little boy (at least I think so!). He claps when he does something neat or when he's happy about something, which is probably one of my very favorite things. He has discovered wall outlets and continues to think that knobs on drawers and the living room table are teething toys.

He discovered the kitchen this month. Before he would never venture on to the tile, but now as a professional crawler/explorer, the kitchen is one of his favorite places (and that's where I am half the day anyway). I'm constantly Swiffering the floors and vacuuming because this little human vacuum sucks up ev-er-y-thing.

This kid LOVES singing and songs. If he's ever upset, a little "If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops" or any Primary song does the trick. Lately though (this is bad...) he is absolutely enthralled with The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and The Backyardigans. The "Hot Dog" song on Mickey Mouse and The Backyardigans' theme song make him go NUTS! He flops his arms up and down and squeals like a little girl through the whole thing. It kills me, it's so stinkin' cute. We've gone on a TV fast since I read an article on babies watching TV. I just have the songs on repeat on my phone. 

He's been a little teething monster this month as well. I hope his top teeth come soon because I'm tired of seeing him so sad and whiney more often than not. Here are WAYY too many Instagram pictures of him.

Daddy tickles are the BEST

Noah slept really well during Ice Age 4 (matinee during nap time...perfect!)

I went in to check on him, and this is what I saw. How does that just fall on him and he not care?

Now Noah can crawl in the kitchen without getting black knees.

New obsession

July 23rd at the park

Cousin Penelope is sure cute mom.

Sometimes it's the only way to keep him still while changing his bag...

Sister get-together before Andrea's baby boy arrives

Nothin' bur trouble, this guy.

Really happy after finding out Miss Holly's happy news...

sleeping at Gold's Gym's daycare

Hanging with cousin Ella

First time boating experience

ready for church
Noah's best face yet

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A little miracle

This past weekend, Noah's stoma got infected. It was covered with sores, had puss coming off of it, and was painful when we touched it for Noah. This had never happened before, and I was panicking because surgery is in 2 weeks! He has to be healthy for it! I had a Young Women lesson to give on Testimony, and the only available time for the pediatrician to see Noah was during my lesson. Mark went ahead and took him while I taught.

Before I gave my lesson, the Bishop set me apart in my class in front of all the YW. It was one of the most beautiful blessings I'd ever had. The Spirit was so strong and tears rolled down my cheek as he promised me that Noah would be made whole and would be healed. He blessed me to be able to know the needs of my girls and to listen to the Spirit. It was a perfect way to start my lesson and I knew the girls could feel Heavenly Father's presence there...I sure did.

It was a busy Sunday. The pediatrician on call didn't know what was wrong with the stoma. He was honest, and I'm grateful, but it didn't lessen my worry. He said he'd never dealt with a child's stoma being infected before. He guessed it was a yeast infection, so he gave Mark a prescription. We had family dinner at Kerri and Brent's house, and then I had to leave early for a "Standards Night" with my YW. I emailed Noah's surgeon (Dr. Scaife) about it and thought for sure we had to go up there to get it checked out. He wrote me back saying it wasn't an emergency and that he'd see us Monday.

Monday morning we woke up to clean out his bag and were shocked. It looked completely normal and healthy. Noah didn't seem to be in any pain when we touched it. Awesome! I couldn't believe that it could look so awful just a few hours before and now looked like nothing had been wrong with it. Dr. Scaife called me about it that day and said it was strange and must have been just a viral infection that needed to work its way out. We sure feel watched over and grateful.

7 months old

I'm so behind on my blogging! I blame it on the difficulty to add pictures...such a pain! I have to put them on Mark's computer and he takes it to work every day.

Noah is getting more fun by the minute. He's a tornado at our apartment (you'd see if you came over...) and gets into everything. His favorite thing is to be a human vacuum and pick up the smallest pieces of anything on the carpet and put it in his mouth (oh great...). We find all sorts of fun items in his poo bag. I'll spare you.

Now he's eating three solid meals a day! I breast feed him in the morning when he wakes up and once or twice during the day (snacks, if you will), and right before bed. Sometimes I throw in a bottle of formula, depending on how hungry he is. He has eaten everything we've given him, except for peas.... I'll keep trying that.

His favorite toys are: balloons, magazines or any paper (to tear up and eat), Mark's old toothbrush, any kind of chord (extension, computer, name it), me (to climb and laugh at), the TV remote, my phone, and anything else that isn't a "baby" toy, unless I play with it and make it look really funny and interesting. He is also still extremely excited when he sees "doggies" anywhere. It's the cutest thing I think I have ever seen.

His favorite books are: "Brown Bear, Brown Bear", "Touch and Feel Puppy", and "Whoo Loves You?" When I read any of these, he is completely engaged the whole time. When it ends, he panics and starts to cry! It's so funny. He's not into any books without a 95/5 picture-word ratio. I've tried reading stories but then he just wants to rip the pages.

In his seventh month, he learned how to army crawl. He started saying Mama and Dada. This post is so late that I don't remember other specifics. But here is a myriad of pictures from June 20th-July 20th- ish.
Noah with his last shipment of colostomy supplies---Ever!

One of his last beauty rests on our bed.

My fun shopping partner.

Makes a trail of messes wherever he goes...

Not as interested in the Liberty Bell as his mama.

Always amused when there's a balloon around.

His idea of Heaven--surrounded by doggies.

After our 4th of July 5k at Great-Grandma Huber's house.

My silly boy on the way to California (July 6th).

Meeting Grandma Freeman for the first time.

My parents with their grandsons @ Maddy's reception (July 7th)

He fell asleep on me while I was dancing at the reception...

His first trick before the army crawl move.

Trying to keep him entertained while we indulged in "foodie" Heaven...San Fran!

He's his father's child--wrestling anything his size.

He won't always have a binky and I think moments like these are just too precious.

Working out.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ramble ramble ramble

Despite the beginning of the week being full of tears and crazy emotions, it ended up being so wonderful. I looked back and wondered what I did differently in the latter part of the week, and I can only think of one thing: I let it all out! I let all these emotions OUT and cried...a lot...and boy oh boy I have felt so much better! I think I just get overwhelmed with fear thinking about...yep, you guessed it, my little Noah.

*I'm sorry that's all I talk about-- I keep telling Mark I need a hobby other than keeping a child alive.*

So, crying....and Mark took me to see not one, but TWO movies! Ever since I had Noah I just LOVE going to movies in the movie theater. Before I had him, I'd much rather just get a Red Box or watch Netflix at home. It makes me giddy every time we go. It definitely helped that both movies were "home runs" in my opinion--The Dark Night and What to Expect. Must-sees, people. I cried three times during What to Expect from laughing so hard. And once when they all have their babies, of course.

What an awesome week! My Young Women (new calling for me--I feel like it was made for me--I love them!) went to Youth Conference this weekend and I can't wait to see them tomorrow to talk about the fun they had. Since I am still breastfeeding Noah I couldn't take off...pumping inside a tent next to the young men and young women could possibly be a little awkward. Oh and they know me better than ever now since one of my break downs happened at mutual on Wednesday night--like, the kind where you are gasping for air between cries. Embarrassed? umm...I guess a little.  It was fun too when the Bishop's wife thought I was one of the young women. It never gets old!....... ........... ......... she's a sweetheart though in real life.

We went boating for the first time this summer today...that was a blast. I'm pretty sure the jump I did on the wake was at least two inches...that's a whole inch more than what I did two summers ago! Go me!!!! (I'm pathetic).

I'm so tired. Pictures to come soon (manana)! Especially since I ran out of memory on my phone. Time to "dump" them. Lucky you.