Wednesday, August 15, 2012

7 months old

I'm so behind on my blogging! I blame it on the difficulty to add pictures...such a pain! I have to put them on Mark's computer and he takes it to work every day.

Noah is getting more fun by the minute. He's a tornado at our apartment (you'd see if you came over...) and gets into everything. His favorite thing is to be a human vacuum and pick up the smallest pieces of anything on the carpet and put it in his mouth (oh great...). We find all sorts of fun items in his poo bag. I'll spare you.

Now he's eating three solid meals a day! I breast feed him in the morning when he wakes up and once or twice during the day (snacks, if you will), and right before bed. Sometimes I throw in a bottle of formula, depending on how hungry he is. He has eaten everything we've given him, except for peas.... I'll keep trying that.

His favorite toys are: balloons, magazines or any paper (to tear up and eat), Mark's old toothbrush, any kind of chord (extension, computer, name it), me (to climb and laugh at), the TV remote, my phone, and anything else that isn't a "baby" toy, unless I play with it and make it look really funny and interesting. He is also still extremely excited when he sees "doggies" anywhere. It's the cutest thing I think I have ever seen.

His favorite books are: "Brown Bear, Brown Bear", "Touch and Feel Puppy", and "Whoo Loves You?" When I read any of these, he is completely engaged the whole time. When it ends, he panics and starts to cry! It's so funny. He's not into any books without a 95/5 picture-word ratio. I've tried reading stories but then he just wants to rip the pages.

In his seventh month, he learned how to army crawl. He started saying Mama and Dada. This post is so late that I don't remember other specifics. But here is a myriad of pictures from June 20th-July 20th- ish.
Noah with his last shipment of colostomy supplies---Ever!

One of his last beauty rests on our bed.

My fun shopping partner.

Makes a trail of messes wherever he goes...

Not as interested in the Liberty Bell as his mama.

Always amused when there's a balloon around.

His idea of Heaven--surrounded by doggies.

After our 4th of July 5k at Great-Grandma Huber's house.

My silly boy on the way to California (July 6th).

Meeting Grandma Freeman for the first time.

My parents with their grandsons @ Maddy's reception (July 7th)

He fell asleep on me while I was dancing at the reception...

His first trick before the army crawl move.

Trying to keep him entertained while we indulged in "foodie" Heaven...San Fran!

He's his father's child--wrestling anything his size.

He won't always have a binky and I think moments like these are just too precious.

Working out.

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  1. He's getting so big! I love reading about all the new things he is doing! we miss you guys!!