Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8 months old

OH boy, this kid is too much fun. In his eighth month, Noah has accomplished a lot! He's a speedy crawler, is climbing up on things, constantly saying "mamama", "dadadada" , "ttssss" like a snake, "neh-neh", "ba-ba" and "ah-boo." I love his chit-chats with us. When we talk back to him, he has the most concentrated, studious look on his face, followed by that million-dollar smile. He's learning so much and is a smart little boy (at least I think so!). He claps when he does something neat or when he's happy about something, which is probably one of my very favorite things. He has discovered wall outlets and continues to think that knobs on drawers and the living room table are teething toys.

He discovered the kitchen this month. Before he would never venture on to the tile, but now as a professional crawler/explorer, the kitchen is one of his favorite places (and that's where I am half the day anyway). I'm constantly Swiffering the floors and vacuuming because this little human vacuum sucks up ev-er-y-thing.

This kid LOVES singing and songs. If he's ever upset, a little "If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops" or any Primary song does the trick. Lately though (this is bad...) he is absolutely enthralled with The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and The Backyardigans. The "Hot Dog" song on Mickey Mouse and The Backyardigans' theme song make him go NUTS! He flops his arms up and down and squeals like a little girl through the whole thing. It kills me, it's so stinkin' cute. We've gone on a TV fast since I read an article on babies watching TV. I just have the songs on repeat on my phone. 

He's been a little teething monster this month as well. I hope his top teeth come soon because I'm tired of seeing him so sad and whiney more often than not. Here are WAYY too many Instagram pictures of him.

Daddy tickles are the BEST

Noah slept really well during Ice Age 4 (matinee during nap time...perfect!)

I went in to check on him, and this is what I saw. How does that just fall on him and he not care?

Now Noah can crawl in the kitchen without getting black knees.

New obsession

July 23rd at the park

Cousin Penelope is sure cute mom.

Sometimes it's the only way to keep him still while changing his bag...

Sister get-together before Andrea's baby boy arrives

Nothin' bur trouble, this guy.

Really happy after finding out Miss Holly's happy news...

sleeping at Gold's Gym's daycare

Hanging with cousin Ella

First time boating experience

ready for church
Noah's best face yet


  1. Oh my gosh I miss him so much! Ahahaha! I love how not only he doesn't care but also like spoons the thing??? Ah!

  2. He is ADORABLE!! You take some cute pictures!:)

    1. Aw thank you!!! How are things going for you and your husband?

  3. Love the pics! What app did you use to put him and the "Up" man pictures together? Is it an instagram tool or a separate app? Love it!

    1. It's called Diptic! It's great! I use it all the time. Your baby boy is just precious!!!!!! Congratulations!!