Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A little miracle

This past weekend, Noah's stoma got infected. It was covered with sores, had puss coming off of it, and was painful when we touched it for Noah. This had never happened before, and I was panicking because surgery is in 2 weeks! He has to be healthy for it! I had a Young Women lesson to give on Testimony, and the only available time for the pediatrician to see Noah was during my lesson. Mark went ahead and took him while I taught.

Before I gave my lesson, the Bishop set me apart in my class in front of all the YW. It was one of the most beautiful blessings I'd ever had. The Spirit was so strong and tears rolled down my cheek as he promised me that Noah would be made whole and would be healed. He blessed me to be able to know the needs of my girls and to listen to the Spirit. It was a perfect way to start my lesson and I knew the girls could feel Heavenly Father's presence there...I sure did.

It was a busy Sunday. The pediatrician on call didn't know what was wrong with the stoma. He was honest, and I'm grateful, but it didn't lessen my worry. He said he'd never dealt with a child's stoma being infected before. He guessed it was a yeast infection, so he gave Mark a prescription. We had family dinner at Kerri and Brent's house, and then I had to leave early for a "Standards Night" with my YW. I emailed Noah's surgeon (Dr. Scaife) about it and thought for sure we had to go up there to get it checked out. He wrote me back saying it wasn't an emergency and that he'd see us Monday.

Monday morning we woke up to clean out his bag and were shocked. It looked completely normal and healthy. Noah didn't seem to be in any pain when we touched it. Awesome! I couldn't believe that it could look so awful just a few hours before and now looked like nothing had been wrong with it. Dr. Scaife called me about it that day and said it was strange and must have been just a viral infection that needed to work its way out. We sure feel watched over and grateful.


  1. So glad he is doing better! Definitely a miracle.

  2. Wow!! That is amazing. I'm so glad that Noah is doing better. He's gonna rock his next surgery!!!

  3. oh amy, i had no idea. how awesome is that. i'm glad he was healed!

  4. That is so great! What a cool experience! I love when you can see Heavenly Father's hand in your life and KNOW and be reminded that he is always there, watching and listening! We sure are lucky to know that! I hope things go well with his surgery and such! Our prayers are definitely with you!! You guys are so strong! I guess it helps that little Noah is ADORABLE, right?! :) Love ya!