Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ramble ramble ramble

Despite the beginning of the week being full of tears and crazy emotions, it ended up being so wonderful. I looked back and wondered what I did differently in the latter part of the week, and I can only think of one thing: I let it all out! I let all these emotions OUT and cried...a lot...and boy oh boy I have felt so much better! I think I just get overwhelmed with fear thinking about...yep, you guessed it, my little Noah.

*I'm sorry that's all I talk about-- I keep telling Mark I need a hobby other than keeping a child alive.*

So, crying....and Mark took me to see not one, but TWO movies! Ever since I had Noah I just LOVE going to movies in the movie theater. Before I had him, I'd much rather just get a Red Box or watch Netflix at home. It makes me giddy every time we go. It definitely helped that both movies were "home runs" in my opinion--The Dark Night and What to Expect. Must-sees, people. I cried three times during What to Expect from laughing so hard. And once when they all have their babies, of course.

What an awesome week! My Young Women (new calling for me--I feel like it was made for me--I love them!) went to Youth Conference this weekend and I can't wait to see them tomorrow to talk about the fun they had. Since I am still breastfeeding Noah I couldn't take off...pumping inside a tent next to the young men and young women could possibly be a little awkward. Oh and they know me better than ever now since one of my break downs happened at mutual on Wednesday night--like, the kind where you are gasping for air between cries. Embarrassed? umm...I guess a little.  It was fun too when the Bishop's wife thought I was one of the young women. It never gets old!....... ........... ......... she's a sweetheart though in real life.

We went boating for the first time this summer today...that was a blast. I'm pretty sure the jump I did on the wake was at least two inches...that's a whole inch more than what I did two summers ago! Go me!!!! (I'm pathetic).

I'm so tired. Pictures to come soon (manana)! Especially since I ran out of memory on my phone. Time to "dump" them. Lucky you.


  1. so let's see the pictures!!

    and you are so beyond normal. don't be embarrassed. love you!

  2. Let me count how many times I cried today...3. And it's only 5:00 pm. You are the cutest mama. I'm thinkin about you and your sweet fam during this time. Love you!