Thursday, September 13, 2012

{ Freeman Frenzy's } First family pictures

So SoMy handsome boys
We took these on August 15th with my good friend Afton. She moved away and flew back to do a few sessions and visit family, so I made sure to book a session with her! She's quick, I've known her forever, and affordable! And although Noah wasn't cooperating (surprise surprise), she still managed to get a few good ones! 

Posts to come soon about surgery and all that jazzzzz.....

Notice my 5 inch heels and STILL have vertical challenges.


  1. Okay, I L-O-V-E love love the ones where you are holding Noah. You are glowing!! I also love the one where Mark is balancing Noah in his hand. And my last favorite is the one where you guys are kissing in the background and Noah is sitting in front of you guys. Not that you needed to know my faves list...but ya got in anyway ;)

  2. I seriously LOVE these! So beautiful! Especially the ones of just you and Noah! Precious! You look so pretty Amy!