Monday, September 17, 2012

Noah's surgery experiences, part 1

 (Written on August 29th...)

Here I am on my phone in the OR waiting area. I'm not kidding when I say that my kid is a rock star and I am doing really well all because of the HUNDREDS of people praying for us. I can literally feel myself being lifted with every one of Noah's cries and I just have this great peace in my heart that he's going to be fine and WE are going to be fine. It's night and day from our last hospital visit. I am so incredibly grateful. I'll post about his surgery later. He has been under for a little over two hours.

The first traumatic instance was getting his IV. They tried on his right hand but couldn't get it to thread, so then they did the left hand. That worked nicely but the poor guy was so sad. Within a few minutes he was back to playing and being a busy body. He loves all the different toys, but even that gets boring after awhile. He'd rather be out in the halls in the wagon or on a walk with us dragging the IV and NG tube. Or napping on me.

The NG tube was his worst enemy. Once that thing was out, he was so much more comfortable. The poor guy just screamed and screamed while I held him down on a table with two other nurses. They had to shove the tube two feet down his nose, throat and into his stomach. This was in order to administer the "golytely" (pronounced go-lightly...) medicine to clear out his bowels. He gagged and gagged and threw up this foamy stuff on me. He even ripped the thing off of him after about two hours and we had to hold him down again. Keeping him distracted has been the hardest part. He wants to pull on everything. Yesterday was definitely difficult.

As the day draaaagggged on we emptied his colostomy bag every 20-30 minutes and helped nurses hold Noah down while they gave him rectal irrigations and stoma enemas every hour from about 6 to 12, then another one at 4 am. Surgery was tentatively scheduled for 11:30 but didn't start until 2.

We just talked to the surgeon! Noah did great and we get to see him shortly! We have high hopes for him, especially after seeing him endure tough stuff up until this point.

He loved this Bert and Ernie football book.

His first IV :(

Just after getting that first NG tube. No fun!

There's a smile!

His first or second time ripping the NG tube out :(

This is where we met with several friends and family our first time at Primary Children's. This is the NICU.

We took a lot of wagon rides to pass the time...

He was a lot tougher than I was! Lots of tears.

Chewing on a straw

Telling us something very important, I'm sure.

I don't know HOW we managed to keep all those wires in tact. One of the last pictures of his colostomy bag!

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