Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nothing particularly exciting

Today's been crazy! We've had a great couple of days with Noah's bowels beginning to regulate themselves but then out of no where......


that dreaded D-word struck. Oh boy. I need to change the name of my blog to something like "Freeman Poop Blog" or something original and creative like that. I just feel so badly for the little guy. It's so bad that I can hear the "deed" happening from across the whole apartment. I didn't think it'd be possible for such a small person to make such incredibly loud bowel sounds (we have candles lit in every corner..). It's scary because that's a symptom of enterocolitis--Hirschsprung's disease's worst side effect. We are constantly being confined to our humble apartment during all hours of the day for fear of poop oozing out of our eyeballs. No wonder the poor kid can't gain a pound. He's quite skinny these days. I worry about him, but that's my job I guess.

Anyway, nothing new around here other than my amazing hubby has been hard at work finding another source of income for us and he is teaching himself how to make websites. He needed to form a "company" to get clients, so he did this:  He did that in 4 hours! He has an account for three websites that he'll be doing--Raintree Apartments (where he's the property manager), Cambridge Court apartments, and Glenwood apartments. He's been doing this for about a year now, and finally feels competent to do other companies' sites. I'm so so so proud of him and he's such a good example to me of being a "life-long learner"--sounds cheesy, but that's a perfect way to describe him. If he doesn't know how to do something that he's interested in, he will sit down and find out everything he can about that thing. All the while, I'm wondering when the next season of Gossip Girl will be on Netflix (now! Season five is there now! Yes!). And I'm a college graduate...and wonder why I feel so unintelligent...

All for now. And again, no pictures because I'm using my MacBook circa 2007 and it sounds like it will blow up at any moment. (Dear Santa, please send me a new computer.)  


  1. I saw your Gossip Girl portion and I was going to scream at you that season 5 came on yesterday!!! But then I noticed you saw that...but I just got into it too :) I finished season 4 on Monday, then later I found out that Season 5 was coming out the next day. Man I must be lucky or something. But you have such incredible patience with your little man.(it helps that he's so darn cute!) At least you know everything is working down there. You're an amazing mom and you're an inspiration!

  2. Poor Noah! (And poor mommy and daddy!) Let me know if you need some company!