Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cancun 2012

My parents started this tradition of going to Mexico every other year for Thanksgiving. Two years ago we went to Cabo San Lucas. It's an awesome tradition that I hope they continue through the years! But as the family grows we may have to start paying our way there. Fine by me! It's soo worth the memories!

I literally took not one picture while we were actually in Cancun. Very unlike me. I think I was really in need of a relaxing vacation without worrying about keeping a camera close the whole time. Plus, there were 8 other photographers there!

At the airport...

 Noah's obsession with his cousin Nico started on this trip. He wanted to follow Nico wherever he went. It was too funny! Noah hadn't learned how to walk yet, but he sure could crawl fast! Anything Nico would do, Noah would just clap and squeal and get so excited. I let him get his wiggles out around our was going to be a loooong flight! 
 The very not-so-sanitary airport floor....yuck! 

So here's the sad story, but it ends happy! We were in the last hour of our flight (thank goodness not the beginning of one) and Noah completely unloaded everything he'd eaten that day all over me. It was in my hair, down my back, down my whole front, and down to my left knee. The smell was rancid. It got all over the seats and well, we were basically panicking because we would be gone for a week in a foreign country and this. was. not. really. happening. right? After getting over the shock and hugging Noah tight, we asked a flight attendant to get us something to clean it all up (we flew United Airlines, by the way). She BLEW US OFF! She said, "Sorry, I would, but I'm heading in the opposite direction." I kid you not. I have several witnesses. It was shocking. Mark ended up going to the first class bathroom to grab some paper towels. 
He seemed to feel better after that, but fell asleep. He was pale as pale could be and there we were, worrying yet again and wondering, "What the HELL is WRONG with my BABY?!" If you are a parent, especially to a sick child, you know that you put your whole life into your children and you understand the panic and frustration I was feeling. He hadn't thrown up at all the day before, and that was the first day in awhile that he hadn't thrown up. We thought we were clear to go, especially after seeing multiple doctors about him and hearing excuses like, "well if he's not running a fever and isn't completely miserable all the time, then it's probably not enterocolitis." Since I had never experienced enterocolitis myself and Noah hadn't ever had it, I trusted their judgement. There was always that worry--like Noah was a ticking time-bomb for the next barfing episode. 

He just screamed and screamed and screamed the 30 minute car ride to the resort. The taxi driver was really sweet and concerned and offered to take us to the hospital. We were just focused on getting to the hotel to assess him and get him into a comfy bed. Once we arrived, my parents were waiting in the lobby. I saw them and just broke down crying that Noah threw up "again!" After I cried a lot, I felt much better, as most of us do after a good cry! 

This is the AWESOME PART: He didn't throw up the whole week we were there. Not even a gag. He ate NON-STOP. We found out at another doctor's visit when we got back that he gained a full pound on that trip. He couldn't get enough of the resort's pico de gallo... we tried to cook all of his meals in our room to avoid any kind of food poisoning, but i'm telling you, we could not keep him away from that pico! The kid loves tomatoes. The resort workers started bringing him his own bowl of it to the pool every day for sweet is that? It was a wonderful vacation after that. We ate way too much, got some sun, played lots of beach volleyball, and had tons of laughs. By the end I was actually relaxed, and though I hate for my happiness to be conditional, I know I was relaxed because Noah was thriving. It was amazing. Heavenly Father knew that we needed a break. All of us. It was such a blessing. Doctors still don't know how to explain that week. I can! It was the grace of God. I'm so so grateful. 
 ...Because there's nothing cuter than naked baby beach bums!...
 People at the resort asked us all the time if Regi (almost 8 months) and Noah (11 months) were twins. 
 We took a 45 minute ferry ride to Isla Mujeres, where cars and golf carts were allowed on the roads! It was such a fun little island with beautiful beaches. I wouldn't ever want to be there during a hurricane, but it made for a fun little trip. Noah loved the golf cart rides. 
 We like to make Noah laugh, even if it means us making total idiots of ourselves. Not pictured: me doing cartwheels and handstands. I'm pretty sure everyone out on the beach thought we were boracha.(Do you see Noah's green european speedo?)
On the North side of Isla Mujeres...this beach was breathtaking! 
This is how Noah felt about leaving. This kid totally thrived while we were there. We didn't want to leave. As soon as we got home, he started having diarrhea and throwing up again. 

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