Sunday, January 6, 2013

December 1-4, 2012

Within 24 hours of being home from Mexico, Noah was pukey again. It seriously broke our hearts. He would just cry and whine and get frustrated alllll dayyyy and I literally ran out of things to do for him. We tried rectal washes, we did Doterra oils all over him, we fed him probiotics, sipped electrolyte drinks, we put him on a rice, bread, apple sauce diet. To top it off, he had a bloody diaper rash again from all the diarrhea. I was at my wit's end, and frankly so was Noah. I could just tell that he wanted to be better soo badly. He'd give me smiles here and there and we'd play with his toys and those little moments brought some relief. I pled with Heavenly Father to please give my innocent, perfect baby a break. Then I got thinking that I totally took the healthy days for granted. I still need to remember to get on my knees and specifically thank Him for that. 

 Puke everywhere, every day! So sad! 
 See how skinny he is?
 I loved all of our cuddling but boy oh boy we were all wiped out!

 We got home on a Saturday night. On Monday, I was back at the doctor's office, wanting some answers. Of course when we got there he was crawling all over the place and seemed okay. The doctor  mentioned doing an x-ray of his stomach. To this day I could just slap myself because I said no! I can't believe I said no. We decided that we'd see how he did the rest of the week before coming in again. He never had a fever, but the throwing up continued. I think his diarrhea was touch and go that week, but at any rate, he was getting worse, not better. On Saturday morning we took him in to the doctor and he was extremely lethargic. He had lost TWO POUNDS since that Monday. We were sent to Utah Valley to get IV fluids going since he was so dehydrated. 

Waiting to get the IV put in :(

No fun at all!

Hoping that Panda makes him feel better!

We were there for four days. 

For the first couple of days, since we were there on a weekend, we didn't get a surgeon to come see him. The PEDS unit only had one resident doctor. He was nice and all, but he didn't know Noah's case. None of the nurses seemed to know much about Hirschsprung's disease. I can't blame them because it's probably one small paragraph in a Disease class from nursing school. And you don't see kids with this every day. BUT...we were pretty frustrated that no one seemed to know why he was so sick. I was also surprised that I had to ask about the results of the X-ray and blood tests. Everything he said pointed to an infection in his colon, or enterocolitis: Low white blood cell count, bloated colon...I mentioned that, and it just took forevverrrrr for a surgeon to get there. I emailed Noah's pediatric surgeon up at Primary's and he called us Monday to tell us that he had seen the X-ray and it was definitely enterocolitis. The surgeon on-call at UVRMC was great and said the same thing. They finally put Noah on a flagyl antibiotic--a very strong medicine. All of Noah's doctors had always scared me about the flagyl...constantly emphasizing, "only use this if it's absolutely necessary" but within a DAY he was so much better and improving immensely. He had no negative side effects and we were home by Tuesday night. 

See how skinny he was? 

He LOVED getting visitors, namely Nico :)

Giving mama lots of kisses.

Evidently feeling MUCH better! Acting himself again!

Our goof ball. 

Trying to color for the first time. 

We couldn't go a day without a wagon ride on the floor!

We wanted to let Noah air out his badly rashed bum. He seemed to like it!

Being silly!

He was a tough patient for the nurses...any time someone in scrubs walked in, he'd start freaking out. As soon as the nurses or techs would leave, relief spread across his face. We did several laps around the nurses' station and he seemed to like them more when they kept their distance and waved and smiled at him :) Little stinker. 

Grandma Dodie even flew in from Philadelphia to help out. She was so sweet to do that and Noah just lit up when he saw her.

We were so excited to get the okay to go home. Once we did rectal washes (twice a day for two weeks) and finished his antibiotics, he was a new man and no more throw up OR diarrhea since then! We are so so happy! Thank you for all your prayers for us during that time.


  1. you guys are CHAMPS, and I just love your little Noah! Praying 2013 brings you ZERO hospital trips :)

  2. This kid! I hope he has a healthy new year! The picture of his little bum showing under his hospital gown cracks me up.

  3. I love your blog and you are such a great mother. Noah is so very adorable. Wow you guys have been through so much! I hope that Noah has a super healthy year!!

  4. This is Maria Lucente Smith btw!