Friday, January 4, 2013

Family Newsletter, Happy New Year!

 In case we don't get this to any of you---

Happy New Year!
We are thrilled to start a new year. 2012 left us with a lot more wrinkles and tireless nights than we would have hoped, but we recognize all the blessings that we have.

Mark had a great year at his job as the Property Manager of Raintree Apartments in Provo. It was the company’s best year since the ‘80s! He has worked there for almost 2 years now and is looking forward to furthering his computer programming skills whilst studying to take the GMAT. Since last year was so stressful, he and Amy both have made resolutions to have more fun in 2013. He hopes to golf more this year, do a couple triathlons, and save more money. Favorite book: How Will You Measure Your Life by Clayton M. Christensen. Favorite movie: Midnight in Paris. Favorite moments: getting accepted to Chicago’s Starter League computer programming program and talking to Jack Johnson at a sushi restaurant while visiting Hawaii with Amy, Noah, and Amy’s parents. Favorite discoveries: the goodness of Green Drinks, learning how to change a colostomy bag, and Teavanna herbal teas. Favorite activity: scratching Amy’s back every night before bed…it’s his favorite! (Thanks honey! ;) )

Amy has enjoyed staying at home with Noah and learning all about his Hirschsprung’s disease.  She’s the 1st counselor in Young Women’s at church and absolutely loves it. Things are starting to settle down and so she’s excited to re-visit an old hobby: running. She hopes to be more involved in Hirschsprung’s disease support groups this year so she can help other parents. Favorite book: A Banner is Unfurled, 5 volume series. Favorite movie: Les Miserables and What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Favorite moment: seeing Noah’s “plumbing” work correctly after his pull-through surgery in August. Favorite discoveries: Triple Paste diaper rash cream (for Noah, not herself…!) and Doterra essential oils. Favorite activities: taking a bath with a good book in hand, going to the movies, and cuddling with her handsome boys.

Noah probably had the hardest year of his life and he won’t even remember it (thankfully)! He had surgery to get a colostomy on Christmas morning, 2011. He had to grow stronger before they could take out about half of his colon, which was done in August. He was hospitalized on December 1st for four days with dehydration and enterocolitis, a common infection after surgery. His road to recovery was more difficult than expected, but he is doing great now and we are thrilled to be done with surgeries. Favorite books: Brown Bear and Follow the Prophet flap book. Favorite shows: The Backyardigans and any Baby Einstein movies. Favorite foods: sweet potato fries, turkey, grapes, pico de gallo, and anything on the floor. Favorite moment: walking for the first time at a year and 9 days old. Favorite discoveries: his tongue and the DVD cabinet. Favorite activities: “wrestling” with dad and throwing/dumping/destroying anything and everything.

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