Sunday, January 6, 2013

Halloween 2012

When you have a baby to dress up for Halloween, it's not uncommon to have several choices for that big holiday (right?). Not to mention coordinating just perfectly with your little bean. 

Target's clearance just gets me. Since Noah's favorite animal in the whole entire world is a dog, I thought this dog costume would be perfect ($7, free shipping...H yeah!). Unfortunately (and fortunately) I have a strong-willed little guy and if he doesn't like something he lets you know...

 So you can see how long the dog costume lasted...approximately 10.8 seconds.

For the ward party, I couldn't not dress up, so I took three trips (yes, three) to good ol' K-Mart to get the perfect costumes. I left with two adult banana suits, a bacon suit, and a hot dog costume...I have issues. Before I went to, I got Noah a dog costume from K-Mart (thinking Mark could be the hot dog and I'd figure something out) but it didn't fit him, so I took it back and debated in that stupid Halloween aisle for 10 minutes too long what I would do to coordinate Noah with Mark and me. I found this gem of a monkey costume that came without a my talented mother and I made one. It worked out okay, except that he hates wearing anything on his head unless it's freezing outside. We tricked him into wearing the head piece just long enough to snap a few photos, and bribed him with a sucker.

 Those banana costumes were everything but flattering, I understand, but we did win best family costume...probably because we looked so hideous and they felt badly for us.
 On the actual holiday of Halloween, Noah dressed up as Superman (as per Grandma Dodie's wishes..she made him the cutest cape!). He had a surgical appointment to see how everything is flowing. It went well. 

Grandma Dodie made all of Regi's costume for cute is that? I missed Nico's Batman costume but she made that too.

 We had a fun evening at my parents' Provo house and admired the cuteness of  these munchkins.
 Of course my mom had to match her "perfect grandsons"...isn't she cute?

Can you see where we get our silliness from? This is my wonderful grandma Carol. She's a hoot.

Halloween was so fun and I'm already thinking about what we can do this year. 


  1. Love te costumes! How fun. Also, your mom looks 25??

  2. You are quite the blogging lady!!! What is that like 6 posts in a day?! You deserve an award! Loved reading it all :) I'm so glad Noah is over that enterocolitis (and fingers crossed it stays that way).